Catanzaro Catholic Action Assembly: a time to rediscover and flourish together

In an atmosphere of celebration, conviviality and spirituality, the inaugural assembly of the Catholic Action of the diocese of Catanzaro-Squillace took place in the “Sancti Petri” hall of the Episcopio in Catanzaro. A moment, the latter, which was an opportunity for members from parishes throughout the diocese to meet and rediscover the beauty of relationships. Furthermore, during the day, it was possible to discover the themes that will accompany the adult, youth and ACR sectors during the new associative year. Moreover, there was no lack of a visit to the exhibition on Armida Barelli which, in collaboration with the Toniolo Institute – Founding body of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the Catholic Action has set up in the Church of the Monte dei Morti e della Misericordia of Catanzaro.

“Go So”: the theme

The day of the assembly experienced two main clips: during the morning the annual theme “Go So” was exposed and the members were able to visit the exhibition on Armida Barelli; in the afternoon, in the presence of Mons. Claudio Maniago, archbishop of the diocese of Catanzaro-Squillace, there was a moment dedicated to the individual sectors and to a final reflection by the bishop himself.

In presenting the theme of the year, there were two important reflections by the unitary assistant, Don Ferdinando Fodaro and the diocesan president, Iolanda Tassone. The first, after speaking of Blessed Armida Barelli, exhorting the members to “follow her example”, focused on the meaning of “Go So”. Referring to the Gospel of Matthew, from which this title was derived, he affirmed that “we must hope even when everything seems over”. “We have to start over – he added – in all areas of life, spiritual and otherwise, because, as Armida Barelli said, if it is impossible, then it can be done”. Iolanda Tassone, on the other hand, warmly thanked all the members for their presence, underlining how this aspect makes “every single meeting unique” and “encourages the presidency to continue proposing them”. Furthermore, also dwelling on the annual theme, you declared that, this year “we are called to go out into the world to tell the novelty and beauty of a life lived in the following of the Lord and to live it in a community way”. “All this – she concluded – without fear, because the Lord has told us that he will be present with us every day, until the end of the world”.

In the afternoon, however, in his reflection, Mgr. Maniago revealed his happiness in seeing Catholic Action in “his home” and asserted that “he will always want to see them walk by his side”. He also urged her to “not live from the past but to regain possession of her own charisma, making it flourish”.

The day ended with the Bishop’s blessing, addressed above all to the young people who will participate in the national module dedicated to the youth sector called “Segni nel Tempo” in Rome from 28 to 30 October.

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