The power of loving yourself: self

Have you felt that you are going through a moment of stagnation? Do you feel the need to give an enriching meaning to your experiences? What is the method to achieve a more authentic and conscious life?

María Paz Blanco, psychologist and certified life coach, has become one of the main references of personal development in Chile. Through her own formula, which combines elements of psychology and personal image, for eight years she has dedicated herself to helping thousands of women to strengthen their self-esteem and self-esteem.

Based on her experience in this area, today María Paz presents The power of loving you, a publication in which she invites you to take the first steps on the path of growth and self-transformation. “If you have to choose, always choose yourself”, writes the author in this book in which she links spirituality, positive psychology and mindfulness.

In the publication, the author explains her innovative and inspiring method, which combines psychology and personal image.

In these 260 pages, the speaker -known on social networks as @mpblanco- encourages readers to embark on an inner journey to recognize their pain, thank them, learn from them and rediscover themselves. «Enjoying one’s own company and, for this, knowing and accepting oneself is key. Once you manage to delve into this, you can only begin to love yourself, to live in your authenticity and enjoy the fullness of your being, “says the author.

In addition to stories of her own story of self-knowledge and compassion, the author has included in The Power of Loving You a series of inspiring phrases and various exercises that make this a unique and personalized book, in which readers will be able to leave a record of their commitment. with themselves. “Always the most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself and cultivating it is a daily job and the most important,” says the psychologist.

In the book, María Paz expresses the need and importance of enhancing the confidence of women from childhood. Regarding this, she affirms that “we can empower the girls of new generations by breaking morphological stereotypes about what is appropriate and what is not, since another person’s body is simply not talked about. They must accept and value their body, and remember that no one is more or less than one, we are just different.

About the author

MARY PEACE WHITE (James, 1983). Mother of three children, Psychologist, Master in Consumer Behavior and Certified Life Coach, she is one of the main references in self-esteem, self-love and personal growth in Chile.

After eight years of experience in the world of Human Resources, almost a decade ago she decided to take a turn towards what she now defines as her mission: to inspire women to strengthen the most important relationship in their lives, the one they have with themselves. . For this, she developed the Method Applied to the Psychology of Personal Image (MAPIP®), in which she unites two apparently opposite worlds: Psychology with Personal Image. This has been her fundamental tool to support thousands of consultants to empower themselves through self-knowledge and image management, so that it positively influences her well-being and personal development. Lecturer and author, this is her second book, in which she collects part of her story and her own path of healing and self-transformation.

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