The parapsychological opens the way to a new reality / By Antonio Las Heras

He is also one of the founders of Transpersonal Psychology. relevant personality. He is also the author of a very valuable and enlightening book entitled “when the impossible happens“. It is the account –in the first person– of half a century of work carried out by the author on aspects of behavior and the human condition that conventional Psychology does not deal with. This book has been considered “an odyssey that makes us consider the structure of our own existence.”

Precisely in those pages it shows that it is not possible to fully understand human reality by limiting ourselves to explaining it through the neurological and psychic aspects usually mentioned by Science. There is much more than that!

Parapsychological faculties inhabit everyone

And, to understand it, it is necessary to attend to the parapsychological faculties that inhabit every person as well as give way to what is known as “spiritual” since the very beginning of cultures.

“Another important source of information – writes Grof – that challenges the paradigms of mechanistic science is the modern parapsychological research…Respectable scientists with impeccable references…have accumulated evidence for the existence of telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection, remote viewing, psychic diagnosis and healing or psikinesis, which can provide important evidence for a new understanding of reality. ”


At present, the prevailing consumerist materialism has been leaving aside – I dare to say that perversely – the work of investigation in the parapsychological field as well as in the sense of spirituality. All of which, instead of leading us to a better quality of life, has installed us in an existence of permanent dissatisfaction. which happens because the “meaning of life” has dissolved in individuals.

There is, for example, a great confusion regarding what is meant by spirituality. The usual thing is that it is confused with a matter of religious beliefs or practices. And it is not like that! Spirituality is the ability that humans have to understand what is the role and function of oneself in the context of the Great Universal Architecture. There arises the “transcendent” sense of personal existence. But, of course, that requires giving yourself enough time for deep reflection, creative solitude, the union between the Whole and the part.

Curiously –and I express it ironically– one of the current customs is that of “not having time.” “I don’t have time for everything I have to do”, is something we hear every day. In that state of “incompleteness” Life becomes permanent frustration. For something the famous psychiatrist and psychologist Carl G. Jung (1875/1961) used to isolate himself for days –and even weeks– in a remote place to achieve the harmony that every person deserves to have.

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Who deals with gymnastics with his mind?

The parapsychological is also inescapable. Through the extrasensory –intuition and interpretation of dreams included– we are able to better understand what happens to us and why it happens. But this requires permanent training. A truly “mind gymnastics.” Today, the normal thing is to take care of the body: go to the gym as often as possible. But who takes care of doing gymnastics with his mind?

By telepathy we can come to know the feelings and ideas of our loved ones who are at a distance. By clairvoyance know things that happen in the distance. The precognition anticipate events that have not yet happened and, in this way, decide how we will proceed in this regard. But, there is more!

as well explained grof diagnosis can be done remotely. And the parapsychological experiences in the laboratory prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it is possible to heal or sicken at a distance, through thoughts –of love or hate; constructive or destructive – transmitted, at a distance, telepathically.

This, which may surprise the reader, has been verified in the laboratory, noting that the parapsychological factor can, from fertilizing seeds to healing wounds in animals.

One of the places where these studies were done worked in the Institute of Parapsychology of the University of Salvador (Buenos Aires) directed by the Jesuit priest Lic. Enrique Novillo Paulí (1919/1989) of whom I was a disciple.

He specialized in what is called “the power of the parapsychological over living targets.”

Novillo Paulí was one of the first to warn about the intertwining between the parapsychological and the spiritual when he wrote: “what is the name in Philosophy of a nature that is intelligent, free, and independent of matter and time? I think we should call the spirit of man… Parapsychology in the experimental field not only proves the human spiritual reality but also gives an answer to the great question of philosophies and religions of all time, does everything end with death?

So that we can say that the parapsychological opens the way to a new reality. A complete reality that leads to the well-being of both individuals and society as a whole.

Antonio Las Heras is a doctor in Social Psychology, parapsychologist, philosopher and writer.

The parapsychological opens the way to a new reality / By Antonio Las Heras