The celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the Cathedral of Valencia have begun

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The program opened with Mass presided over by the bishop

A moment of Mass in the Cathedral

by Massimo Castellaro

As announced, the initiatives organized for the four hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore got underway in Valencia on 9 December 1622, which was begun and subsequently completed on 9 December 1622, assuming the structural and architectural characteristics that still owns today.

On Friday, in the presence of the authorities, the bishop of Alessandria Guido Gallese presided over a Holy Mass concelebrated by the parish priest of the Pastoral Unit and preceded by the recitation of Vespers. Also on Friday, the special philatelic cancellation created for the anniversary was presented and disclosed, while before the Eucharistic celebration, the Valencian artist Patrizia Raia presented her latest work, a reproduction of the Cathedral of Valencia built in 3D, with the collaboration of teacher Michela Pellizzari and the children of the ‘don Luigi Frascarolo’ summer center collaborated in its creation (curator of photography Erminio Vanzan).

The work was made with recycled colored paper and cardboard, 3,656 tiles, internal and external lights were applied to its cover, reproducing many small details. Friday launched a series of events that will continue throughout the year to follow, when various spiritual, cultural and artistic events will be planned, organized by the Parish and the Municipality of Valencia which will take place precisely in starting from the month of January 2023 and until Advent next year.

Already next Sunday, 18 December, again in the Cathedral, in the afternoon, the jubilee mass will be celebrated. The invitation from the promoters of the religious initiative was extended to the entire diocesan community. As regards the initiatives put in place by the Municipal Administration, on Friday 16 December, at Palazzo Valentino, headquarters of the Municipal Cultural Center, the inauguration of the exhibition “Contemporary Spirituality” will take place, which will be open to the public (entrance is free ) until late February. Among the initiatives related to the prestigious anniversary and promoted by the Municipality of Valenza, the publication of a monographic volume, edited by Roberto Livraghi, dedicated to the history and architectural and artistic assets that the church preserves is also planned.

“Contemporary spirituality”, will be curated by Lia Lenti and Rino Tacchella, and will bring together works of goldsmith art and contemporary figurative art from private collections. All the works will be dedicated to the theme of spirituality declined according to the subjective and individual feeling of the artist: works by Lucio Fontana, Pietro Melandri, Pietro Morando, Leonardo Bistolfi, Barbara Uderzo, Luigi Visconti, Elizabeth Aro, Paolo Spalla, Saverio Cavalli will be exhibited , Laura Rivalta and more. And to further enrich the project will be the jewels designed by two contemporary artists and created by two goldsmith companies in the district: Gabriele Garbolino Rù with Gioj and Sabrina Milazzo with Orsini.

The celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the Cathedral of Valencia have begun