“The agreements of Teresa”, the new book by Don Alessandro Saporetti

In the run-up to this Christmas, Credere, the well-known weekly magazine, has reserved a space for the new book by Alessandro Saporetti, “Teresa’s Accords”, published by the San Paolo editions with a preface by Giuseppe Sorvenigo, psychotherapist and expert in juvenile and family problems. Every third Thursday of the month, at 21.00, the author presents his work, with considerable success, on Radio Maria.

Alessandro, a full-fledged Ravenna native, born and raised in Borgo San Biagio, initially graduated in agriculture in Ravenna, had also obtained the profession of master of art at the European Institute of Design in Milan, when in 2000, at the age of 28 years, undertook theological studies at the seminary of Ravenna. Ordained a priest on 2 June 2007, he is now parish priest of the church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo in Cervia – Montaletto and of the church of Madonna degli Angeli in Cannuzzo. Passionate about spirituality, in the Archdiocese of Ravenna and Cervia he has held some retreats at the Carmelite community and currently animates a school of prayer.

His first literary work was, again for the San Paolo editions, “La Settima Perla. The great journey of the unbelieving disciple”, which was presented on 6 June 2016 in Ravenna. Following in the footsteps of the apostle Thomas, a symbol of hardness of heart and skepticism, the book, inspired by his absence in the first manifestation of the Risen Jesus, retraced his ideal journey from Easter Sunday to the next in seven chapters. Albis, when he finally meets Christ again after his death. From stage to stage, in a week of searching and stripping of himself, he had dug up the roughness of his heart, fully understanding its reality.

A journey of the soul, following the footprints of God understood as Love, can instead be defined as “Teresa’s Accords”. Through the strings of the mystical novel, the reader assists and participates in the confrontation between Teresa, a nun, and Esther, a disciple, in the search for an answer to the big questions about the meaning of life, from which the girl can open up to the most authentic and profound values. To aim towards this goal, Teresa offers Esther various accords of the heart, leaps felt intimately, from which various flourishes and progress along the path, human and spiritual, descend. The book tells us about this experience in Esther’s words, in which anyone who is in search of true good can identify. Don Alessandro reserves the last few pages to ask a question and give an answer: “After this original journey together with Esther, what can we conclude? ‘The Teresa Accords’ is a path that actually remains open. The girl does not succeed in reviving all the chords of her heart, as perhaps the reader would have expected. However, a tension towards this fullness remains in her which makes her taste foretaste. That’s what she really matters ”.

Alvaro Ancisi

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