Social and solidarity economy: the Center de Valpré wants to live “ecolonomy”

Located at the exit of the famous Fourvière tunnel, in the town of Écully (Rhône), Valpré is a unique composite place. “We want to be at the rendezvous of man in three of his dimensions: work, spirituality and relationship”, ventures Véronique Bouscayrol, president of the Valpré association, which has become a social and solidarity economy company (ESS).

She remembers the discussions to develop Valpré’s “raison d’être”. Around the table: entrepreneurs, personalities from the associative world and Assumptionist religious, owners of the place. “Business, but not only! », she heard. A word then bursts out: “ecolonomy”a mixture of economy and integral ecology, dear to the pope francis.

Mutual aid, solidarity and intergenerational link

We understand better why it is so difficult to define this place, each regular – we do not speak spontaneously of ” clients ” – having its own definition. For entrepreneurs in the Lyon region, Valpré is indeed a seminar center that has created a business incubator focused on welcoming entrepreneurs in the second part of their career – “too quickly called seniors”, points out Régis Visiedo, one of its members. In addition to the incubator, which welcomes businesses less than three years old, there is a “hive” for businesses between three and five years of maturity.

“To support my return to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region,I chose Valpré because of its originality. Here, economy, mutual aid and solidarity are the driving forces, notes Régis Visiedo, at the head of his company specializing in water management. I also benefit from the dynamics of collaborative projects with the pooling of knowledge on the environment and CSR. »

“For a fraternal and peaceful world”

And if it were necessary to define “ecolonomy”, this former director general of the services of a large local authority speaks of “carrying values ​​such as the economy, solidarity, companionship and the intergenerational link where seniors are a lever for the transmission of knowledge that the younger generation can pursue, shape and develop”. This is what the community brings to him ” atypical ” of Valpre.

“Ecology goes from our plates to our concerns for a fraternal and peaceful world, abounds Véronique Bouscayrol. The neighboring professional integration farm, 100% organic, which provides us with its produce and its honey, reminds us of the generosity of nature and the role of humans. This is why we did not hesitate to create an outdoor conference venue, like a green amphitheater. Not just to save air conditioning and lighting, but to make things look different. »


Les Entretiens de Valpré celebrate their 20th anniversary

Since 2002, the Entretiens de Valpré have brought together business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and students over two days to promote inspiration, exchange and experience on the key issues of the economy, business and society. , in the light of Christian social thought.

This event is organized by the Congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption (founding shareholders of The cross) and takes place at the Valpré congress and seminar center in Écully, a town adjoining Lyon, in the northwest of the metropolis.

The 20e edition will be held on November 18 and 19 on the theme: “Is the desirable economy for tomorrow or forever? » Reviewing business models, performance measures, governance… So many themes that will be broken down into round tables and workshops (1).

Social and solidarity economy: the Center de Valpré wants to live “ecolonomy”