Savigliano, Múses inaugurates 2023 with the Essences of the Muses and a booklet of highly perfumed thematic ateliers

Múses-European Academy of Essences of Savigliano has decided to inaugurate the new year with a varied program of workshops. In the coldest and darkest month of the year, Múses wants to play with light and enrich it with the scents that only the precious essences of the perfumer’s Atelier can offer. So here is a workshop to make lanterns and one to create scented candles, a fun game in the company of the Befana and two innovative Ateliers, to start the year with scents that envelop us in well-being.

Furthermore, in January, Múses-European Academy of Essences launches an innovative cultural-sensorial project: le Essences of the Muses. Seven exclusive essences, created to evoke the peculiarities of the daughters of Apollo and the goddess of memory, who, in Greek myths, protected the arts.

What perfume will the story have? What art? The elegance?

Under the names of Clio, Tersicore, Polimnia, Urania, Erato, Calliope and Talia, it will be possible to discover the aromas that evoke the arts, creative energy, elegance and well-being, spirituality and history and be enveloped by their timeless atmospheres



The opening of a new year has always projected us towards the future. Do you want to transform the energy of change into a perfume? In the Atelier The essence of change you will be able to choose the most suitable essences to accompany you on a path of personal growth and focus on the 2023 goals.

MÚSES KIDS presents Tic tac… the Epiphany clock (16.00)

The Epiphany’s clock has gone crazy and the Epiphany arrives at the Múses on January 8th… Who will be ready to welcome her? Little artists ready to let their creations be perfumed especially for the sweetest party of the year!


Essence of good humor Atelier – 3.30 pm

Blue Monday is around the corner but we have the solution!

We are waiting for you to create your Essence of good mood: an explosive mix of citrus fruits, flowers and delicious scented notes. The combination of euphoric essential oils and regenerating extracts that make it a true beauty treatment for the body and well-being for the spirit.


FAMILY weekend with special family unit ticket €8 per person (the child has the lab included)

MÚSES KIDS presents the Lantern Workshop – 4.00 pm

Paper lanterns are an ancient tradition of China, which boasts two thousand years of history and are the luminous protagonists of the end of the Chinese New Year.

During the workshop, the little craftsmen will create auspicious lanterns to decorate with traditional poems, idioms, or the word 福 (fú), which means happiness and good luck.


Candle workshop – 3.30 pm

We will find out together how to prepare one scented candle, which envelops us in the warm scents of winter and, through the embrace of aromatic essences and waxes, prolongs the joy of the holidays. Each participant will be able to take the scented and absolutely personalized candle with them in an exclusive container.

Savigliano, Múses inaugurates 2023 with the Essences of the Muses and a booklet of highly perfumed thematic ateliers – – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo