Money: these 8 tips that the rich will never give you!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, they say. However, if you had more money, you would probably be happier. Love, spirituality, satisfaction, relationships, the meaning of life are all things that are said to be more important than money when it comes to happiness… Yet there are many more people who want more money than those who want to find meaning in life. But then, does money bring happiness or not?

One thing is certain, it at least allows you to easily pay the bills, eat your fill and have a roof over your head. But, it is obvious that, in this world where everything has a price, the rich have fewer problems than the poor… At least money problems!

To have money is to be free!

Many people think that financial freedom is synonymous with wealth: in reality a person can be rich but not financially free or vice versa.

Wealth isn’t about money, it’s just about getting results. Lmoney is the price of wealth!

To be rich is to be free! Free to enjoy your time, free from financial worries, free from having to set the alarm clock in the morning, free to travel. Free to be who you really are and achieve what you really want in life.

Fortunately, today the definition of wealth has changed a bit. But, if you want to be free, that is to say if you want to be rich, you must get used to considering money as a “slave”. Money is not enough to be possessed, you have to learn how to earn it, make it work for you and make it grow. In this way, you will be able to create fresh money simply by putting the starting capital to work. This is how the rich often think.

But what does “being rich” mean in France?

If no official definition is established, several reports analyze the level of income and wealth of the French.

What is it to be rich? If there is a poverty line, set at 60% of the median standard of living according to INSEEor 1,015 euros per month, there is no definition of the wealth threshold strictly speaking.

The median income means that 50% of French people earn less than this amount, and 50% earn more. ” Wealth can be defined by income, but also by assets. There is no determination of a wealth threshold, which is a subjective notion“, explains Louis Maurin, co-founder of the Observatory of Inequalities.

In his last report published on June 1, 2022, the Observatory of Inequalities proposes setting the wealth threshold at twice the median standard of living. Or 3,673 euros per month for a single person, after taxes.

If we take this proposition into account, then we can say that France has 4.5 million rich people, or 7.1% of the population. On the money side of a childless couple, it is considered “rich” from 5,511 euros after tax, and from 7,713 euros for a couple with two children. As for Insee, he describes it as “easy” people who win more than 1.8 times the median income.

Thus, according to 2018 figures from INSEE, 10% of the wealthiest households in France have a net wealth of more than 549,600 euros. But fortune would be considered “comfortable” above a million.

Who are the richest men on the planet?

There is a bridge between what is called wealth and financial excess.

The wealthiest people, called UHNWI for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, have a heritage amounting to more than 10 million euros.

There are a few people on this planet who far exceed that number. They have lots and lots of money… Multi-millionaires, billionaires…

Here is the 2022 ranking of the wealthiest men:

  • Elon Musk: $267 billion
  • Jeff Bezos: $163 billion
  • Bernard Arnault : $146 billion
  • Gautam Adani: $122 billion
  • Bill Gates: $118 billion

Here are the 5 tips the rich prefer to keep secret… with their money

  • Spend less than what we earn
  • Who pays his debts gets richer : If you have debts, bills, rent, credit etc. to pay: you must always settle them first, before thinking of spending your money elsewhere.
  • Don’t let your money sleep : It would devalue. Invest instead!
  • Bet big on your person : Treat yourself to a major training in a promising and financially rewarding field. Or, follow an upgrade that will earn you points and euros.
  • Take risks and accept them : Business creation, risky but particularly rewarding investments… To increase your wealth, you must not shrink from taking risks.

Money: these 8 tips that the rich will never give you!