Santa Rosa will return to embrace the city from the top of “Gloria” | Newtuscia Italy

Stefano Stefanini

NewTuscia – VITERBO – The City of Viterbo and the people of Viterbo this year will experience the feast of the patron saint Rosa, regaining possession of the engaging sensations of carrying “Gloria”.

In any case, it will be necessary to spontaneously adopt the appropriate preventive precautions, at the request of the competent authorities, to allow Viterbo people and the many tourists to safely enjoy the traditional “choral” participation of porters and spectators in the “Gloria” Transport.

The Machine of Santa Rosa, in fact, in addition to being a profound event of religious inspiration, appears as a “dream of faith” lived collectively and so intensely as to arouse deep unique emotions and enthusiastic judgments by the thousands of Viterbo residents and scattered guests. along the way.

The resumption of the Transport after two years of forced interruption will emotionally involve, in addition to the organizers, the Porters in particular, we too are committed to telling this event and all those who are animated by “a single feeling” feel fully involved in the evening of September 3. , in the gestures, in the emotions and in the inner and emotional participation, which most of all characterizes Viterbo and its religious and civil values ​​of aggregating and supportive citizenship.

It will be the last year for the creation of Raffaele Ascenzi and the first experience for the new mayor, Chiara Frontini, who, as reported in the news, this morning, at the passage of the “components” of Gloria in Piazza del Plebiscito, greeted the builder Vincenzo Fiorillo, the creator Raffaele Ascenzi and the president of the Sodalizio dei Facchini of Santa Rosa, Massimo Mecarini.

On the days of the City Festival, in particular on the occasion of the transport of Rosa’s “Glory”, as an extraordinary prelude to Beauty and Spirituality, we will try to express the “collective feeling” of Viterbo’s deep bond with its young Saint, by borrowing the pages of poetry dedicated by Cesare Iacoponi to the girl Rosa.

Viterbo, in the circle of its walls and with its over one hundred crenellated towers “ferrigna corte di peperino that hosted 32 Popes and three Emperors”, must also represent today, recovering the urban decor that belongs to it, the “shell of art and d ‘love “that contains the pearl of great devotion to the” shining “Rosa: the heroic young girl, the seraphic flower who, thanks to her fragility, was able to face the” heroic daughter of the people “the tyrant Svevo and the road to exile, with the misunderstandings related to his dedication to the needy, without ever losing, indeed witnessing his Faith with greater vigor.

Finally, next 3 September the agile “shining spire” brought by the Porters, Knights of Rose through the streets of the city, will once again become a “moment of joy and apprehension” for the people of Viterbo and in the “stranger” it will arouse “wonder and emotion”.

In fact, the style conferred by Raffaele Ascenzi on “Gloria” recalls spiritual contents and aesthetic lines typical of the Gothic style, arousing admiration for its verticalism, which with a skilful upward motion, stands out among the city towers, with its flexing forms, they curve through the arches, the cusps and the spiers that rise light as the angels depicted and sharp upwards, towards the statue of Rosa.

The skilful placement of the live flames revives the elegant lines that recall the stone jets of the splendid Gothic cathedrals and the highly refined goldsmith works of the Monstrances and Reliquaries.

A particular thought can only turn back to the Porters of Santa Rosa, with the wish to always be “of a feeling” also for this renewed Transport of 2022 and to all those who contribute in various ways to the Event, however true and genuine will be able to offer anew, with the sincere testimony of the incomparable bond of Faith, of Fraternal Testimony and Art that binds them, and binds us, indissolubly to the young Rose.

Santa Rosa will return to embrace the city from the top of “Gloria” | Newtuscia Italy