Rondine’s embrace for the new bishop Andrea

Monsignor Migliavacca’s visit to the citadel of peace one week after taking office “a moment that I will carry in my heart”

AREZZO — A week has passed since his inauguration and the new Bishop of Arezzo-Corona-Sansepolcro, Monsignor Andrea Migliavacca decided to meet closely the association of Rondine Citadel of Peace.

“The meeting with Rondine, one of my first visits to the Diocese, was a moment that I will keep in my heart. It is valuable work that is done. It is a deliberate visit, to make myself present, to meet and to begin to know this Church. Rondine is one of the treasures of the diocese that I had also heard about within the Italian Episcopal Conference”.

These are the words of Bishop Migliavacca who visited the symbolic places of the Citadel accompanied by the young people of the worldhouse, young people from places of war who welcome the challenge of living with the “enemy” and train themselves as future leaders and ambassadors of peace. From the “Monument of the swallows” which traces the spiritual roots of the Citadel, to the entrance to Janine’s Arena with the iconic words of Liliana Segre “I chose life and became free” up to the school where she greeted the boys of the Fourth Year Swallowhigh school students from all over Italy who have the opportunity to spend a school year in the Citadel of Peace and train as active citizens to regenerate local communities throughout the peninsula with their commitment.

“Upon arrival I experienced a feeling of warm welcome, starting from nature with the colors of an exceptional sunset, reflected in the crowns of trees – continues the Bishop – they gave me the feeling of an embrace to which was added that of Franco Vaccari and the young people who come from places in conflict with each other and who experience fraternity here. It was a discovery, like being accompanied to join a family, with dreams, efforts and projects. This welcome was very nice and gave me the perception of how dreams can come true”.

Monsignor Andrea Migliavacca was also welcomed by the participants in the second edition of the project Mediterranean Border of Peace who after a year in Rondine will return to their communities to develop impactful projects in their territories and strengthen the network of young people from all over the Mediterranean who work for social cohesion.

“What you see here is not just the result of planning or strategy, but intuitions, which by sharing them are realized and bring us into a project”. Concludes the Bishop Migliavacca. “In these first moments of getting to know the diocese I am seeing the riches of this land and of these people up close. The seeds of spirituality, life and humanity that are in our Church make me feel like the pastor of an undeserved community and to be guarded in all its richness”.

“It was a surprise and a joy to receive a visit from Bishop Andrea but also a push and encouragement to go forward in our commitment” commented the president of Rondine, Franco Vaccari.

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Rondine’s embrace for the new bishop Andrea