Regional Awards for Arts and Cultures 2022 received recognition at Lanco

The 2022 Regional Arts and Culture Awards ceremony was recently held at the Teatro Galia in the Lanco commune.

It was the fourth version of this award granted by the Seremi de las Culturas, las Artes y Patrimonio de Los Ríos through its Strengthening of Regional Cultural Identity program.

Recognition was given to Carlos Rivera Gutiérrez, visual artist from San José de la Mariquina; Faumelisa Manquepillán Calfuleo, a cultist from the indigenous peoples of Puquiñe, Lanco, and Nerys Mora Contreras, a community cultural manager from Malalhue, Lanco, who received the award in tribute to her long career.

“This award speaks of people that today we are honoring and recognizing, but not only by a jury, but also proposed by the communities themselves who consider them valuable and important,” said the Seremi de las Culturas, Antonia Torres.

“And they receive this recognition not only in life, but as young and active people,” added the Seremi.

winners and winners

Faumelisa Manquepillán, winner in the Career category as a cult representative of Communities of Original Peoples, expressed her gratitude to her “lagmenes”, the people who have taught and supported her.

“It is a beautiful moment to receive this recognition here in this house, in this Lanco, which belongs to us and on this stage. This recognition urges me to continue on the beautiful path of creation and my work at the Puquiñe school as a traditional educator , too,” said Faumelisa.

Regarding his work and first impression of being the winner of the Artistic Creation award, the painter Carlos Rivera commented that he was quite surprised.

“I have worked hard, I have been in many places and I have also always been connected to the territory, working with many rural sectors, neighborhood associations, towns, schools. I have done it since I was a child, I have always been linked and, also, through my paintings, I do it by representing the territory, the heritage, the people and everything that surrounds me here ”, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the winner in her career as cultural manager, representative or leader of Community Cultural Organizations, Nerys Mora, delved into the concept of culture.

“We have a very built concept of the word culture and I think we should get rid of that and live what is ours, our identity, where we are living,” he said.

“There is no one uneducated, culture is in spirituality, in the way of being, it is with the people, it is in the territories. Culture is the way of living in an environment, that’s how I began to assume it. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive this award”, added Mora.

The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Lanco Juan Rocha and councilors of the commune, the Culture Seremi, Antonia Torres, the Mining Seremi, Patricio Tenorio, the regional director(s) of the National Cultural Heritage Service, Florencia Aninat .

Also present were the head of the Culture Unit of the Municipality of Mariquina, Andrea Álvarez, and heads of the Culture Unit of the Municipality of Lanco, Martín Sepúlveda and Daniel Espinoza.

Likewise, the award ceremony included the participation of the Millacol de Malalhue Folk Projection Ensemble, who performed songs by singer-songwriter Nerys Mora.

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Regional Awards for Arts and Cultures 2022 received recognition at Lanco – Diario de Valdivia