Mirafiore Foundation: Friday 16 December Paolo Bricco “Adriano Olivetti”, Saturday 17 December tribute to Gianmaria Testa

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SERRALUNGA D’ALBA The meetings of the Laboratory of Resistance continue in the theater of the Mirafiore Foundation with a new double appointment.

On Friday 16 December at 7 pm Paolo Bricco, journalist, essayist and special correspondent of “Sole 24 Ore”, will hold a meeting on the figure of Adriano Olivetti, a legend of industry, creativity and Italian culture in theMirafiore Foundation: Friday 16 December Paolo Bricco “Adriano Olivetti”, Saturday 17 December Tribute to Gianmaria Testa 1 world, starting from his book “Adriano Olivetti, an Italian of the twentieth century”.

Olivetti is certainly a profoundly atypical Italian of the twentieth century: in this definitive book, the result of a decade of research and writing, Paolo Bricco traces the life of a man of genius and the industrial, social, political and cultural events of Italy between the end of the 19th century and the economic boom.

Not a hagiography, but an accurate study that also shows Olivetti’s contradictions, conflicts and generous incompleteness: the deep and tormented ties with family members, his two wives and other beloved women; the passion for the scientific organization of work and the attraction for oriental spirituality, astrology and wisdom.

Last year the Mirafiore Foundation dedicated two evenings to two great Italian composers who left the stage prematurely: Fabrizio De André and Lucio Battisti.
Mirafiore Foundation: Friday 16 December Paolo Bricco “Adriano Olivetti”, Saturday 17 December Tribute to Gianmaria TestaThis year, repeating the beautiful atmosphere, we want to remember the great music and poetry of Gianmaria Testa, to whom in our area and the Mirafiore Foundation are particularly attached.

Saturday 17 December at 18:30 to pay homage to him there will be a group of musician friends: Giua, Walter Porro, Claudio Dadone and Filippo Bessone. Moderates the meeting Massimo Cotto.

Gianmaria was a deeply popular and refined singer-songwriter at the same time, a singer-songwriter with a hoarse and velvety voice who made naked song his true strength. Texts like small poems that speak of mists and encounters, of solitudes and hills, of love and migrants and music that evokes tango, jazz, bossanova, habanera, waltz and create warm, intense suggestions that know how to envelop .

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The program of the next events of the Laboratory of Resistance:

Friday 16 December 2022 – h. 19
Paolo Bricco, journalist
Adriano Olivetti, an Italian of the twentieth century

Saturday 17 December 2022 – h. 6.30pm
Tribute to Gianmaria Testa
With Giua, Walter Porro, Claudio Dadone and Filippo Bessone

Friday 23 December 2022 – h. 19
Aldo Cazzullo, journalist and writer
Mussolini, the ringleader

Saturday 21 January 2023 – h. 6.30pm
Andrea Purgatori, journalist
Wartime information

Friday 27 January 2023 – h. 19
Edie Mukiibi, President of Slow Food
Dialogue with Carlo Petrini
Waiting for title

Saturday 4 February 2023 – h. 6.30pm
Maurizio De Giovanni, writer
With Marco Zurzolo (saxophone) and Marianita Carfora (singer)

Saturday 11 February 2023 – h. 18.30
Luca bizzarri, actor and television presenter
Waiting for title

Saturday 18 February 2023 – h. 18.30
Antonio Franchini, curator and writer
Books: write them, read them, publish them

Saturday 25 February 2023 – h. 18.30
Antonio Gnoli, journalist and Giacomo Rizzolatti, neuroscientist
In you I mirror myself

Friday 10 March 2023 – h. 19
Cristina Comencini, director and writer

Saturday 25 March 2023 – h. 6.30pm
Alberto Barbera, Director of the Venice International Film Festival
The window to the courtyard. Cinema today and tomorrow

Saturday 1st April 2023 – h. 6.30pm
Michele Centemero, Country Manager Italy of Mastercard
Money: what will the money of the future be?

Friday 14 April 2023 – h. 19
Mario Desiati, writer and winner of the 2022 Strega Prize
The spirit room

Tuesday 25 April 2023 – h. 10
We celebrate the Resistance


In an extremely fast and complex global society, characterized by the cultural primacy of technology and by increasingly precarious and liquid human relationships, doing philosophy can be a way of being aware, able to offer intellectual and emotional tools indispensable for designing a existence of freedom and responsibility. The cycle of conferences in three lessons will be a journey in which the great philosophers of history will accompany us in the precious and courageous art of critical thinking, in order to try to decode the many complexities of reality.
Doing philosophy is an act of rebellion against the mediocrity of living, because thinking and knowing yourself means being architects of your own destiny.

Saturday 4 March 2023 – h. 18.30
Matthew Saudino,
Socrates, Plato and Epicurus: the existence between vice, virtue and happiness

Saturday 11 March 2023 – h. 18.30
Matthew Saudino,
Giordano Bruno, Descartes and Spinoza: the existence between nature and reason.

Saturday 18 March 2023 – h. 18.30
Matthew Saudino,
Kant, Nietzsche and Hannah Arendt: the morality of duty, the immorality of the overman and the active life.

The meetings are always free and to participate you need to book on the website www.fondazionemirafiore.it and it is also possible to follow the lessons from home in streaming via the website.

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Mirafiore Foundation: Friday 16 December Paolo Bricco “Adriano Olivetti”, Saturday 17 December tribute to Gianmaria Testa