Paolo Fox horoscope tomorrow 21 December 2022: the advice of the stars


This is a new start for you in the area of ​​creativity and expression. Look for new projects and ways to express your talent. Good for having children, new creative projects, romance and adventures. Jupiter in your sign (solar or ascendant) boosts your self-confidence and courage, increasing your creative and fulfilling potential.


This is a fresh start for you in personal, emotional and family areas. All of this will be mobilized, but it will have to include the perspective and self-view shifts that have been so mobilized in recent years. Look for places and people who resonate with what gives you a true sense of security and belonging. Ease of finding roots even on the spiritual side.


This is a new beginning for you in your natural area: communication, studies, intellect and interaction. Your ruler Mercury is here too – lots of new possibilities in your life this cycle. Look for similar studios with what you like, as well as communicate with authenticity and creativity. Change what is necessary and enjoy this good time.


This is a new start for you in the financial and material field. This new cycle offers you important possibilities to generate value, profit, pleasure and well-being. Communication issues will be important in this regard. Get out of your comfort zone and do something innovative, thus generating good results. Ease for career and business expansion.


The New Moon in your sign (solar or rising) brings you a new beginning and many possibilities. Your emotions align with your essence and you will have a clear direction of what you want and how to act. There is a strong connection to your principles, faith, and greater meaning in life, facilitating these new beginnings and broader possibilities.


This is a new start for you in the spiritual and emotional area. Now look for anything that allows you to express the subjective terrain more creatively. Look for art, emotional analysis, spirituality, meditation, prayer, magnetism or other tools that allow you to express a subtle richness. Mercury, your ruler, now also makes it easier for you to connect with these subtle levels.


This is a new start for you in the social area, with friendships and groups. You will find great joy in sharing your best with others. Try to be sincere and express yourself clearly to others. This cycle also facilitates expansion into the realm of relationships and romantic love. Look for interactivity and joy in connecting with your peers.


This is a new start for you in the professional field, in the use of authority and autonomy. Seek to bring more creativity and ambition to your career projects and public expression. There is a good chance to increase workload and service in this cycle. Better to express your dominion over yourself and your command and serve to reap fruit.


This is a new beginning for you in your natural area of ​​faith, expansion and principles. Try to make new future plans and view life with more optimism, realizing the many possibilities for this cycle. Jupiter, your ruler, enhances your personal power, sense of adventure, creativity and charisma. He tries to determine your true desires and have faith.


This is a fresh start for you in the emotional, sexual and shared areas. Here new possibilities of affective and sexual expression are possible. It also shows new beginnings which can release old complexes and fears and this will be liberating. You are freeing yourself from the problems of the past and can now experience your emotional field more freely.


This is a new start for you in the relationship area. If you are single there is a great chance of meeting new people. If you are already in a relationship, this moment provides the changes needed to improve the relationship with more joy and honesty. You go through a restructuring of ideas and concepts, as well as emotional deepening, making it easier to approach relationships with completeness and transparency.


This is a new start for you in the area of ​​work, routine and health. New job opportunities could knock on your door, or some improvement in what you already have. There is also the energy here to be very aware of your habits, health, food and routines. Opportunity to increase earnings and profits through initiative and creativity.

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