Music: everything (or almost) about Rosalia, world superstar

The crush is immediate. In 2017, her first album “Los Angeles”, where she sings alone accompanied by a guitar, anchors her in this traditional genre. The album was a critical success but did not grant him international recognition.

If she was inspired by this genre, she never turned her back on other music. It is this duality that is at the heart of his discography.

– “El Mal querer”: fame” –

At 25, her second opus “El mal querer” (2018) made her a world star.

Sacred best album of the year at the Latin Grammys – where he won several awards that year -, we find his imagination linked to Spain and flamenco, all on voluntarily more pop and dancing tones.

Among the hits, the unmissable “Malamente” (160 million views on YouTube) or “Pienso en tu mirada” (89 million views). Divided into eleven tracks, the album recounts the stages of a toxic love relationship. Over the chapters, the female character, embodied by the Spanish singer, will evolve towards emancipation.

– Duet with Travis Scott –

Ozuna, J. Balvin, The Weeknd… the duets with the stars of urban music, Rosalia has always been fond of them. But there is one that has a special place in his discography: the one with American rapper Travis Scott.

Titled “TKN”, the track, released in May 2020, has been viewed more than 218 million times on YouTube. A very urban hymn to loyalty, the two artists claim that “secrets are only shared with those you can trust”.

The title is sung in Spanish and rapped mainly in English, even if we hear the rapper make incursions, a little awkward, in Spanish.

– “Motomami”: the reinvention

“I feel like with +Motomami+, I did and said exactly what I wanted to say, in my own way. After that, there’s no going back,” he said. she declared in mid-December to the American version of Rolling Stone magazine.

Released in March 2022, “Motomami” (“motorbike-girl”) was acclaimed by critics and the public. At the heart of the project, a symbol: the butterfly. In “Saoko”, one of the titles of the album she sings: “I transform myself”, “I contradict myself”, “I can be everything”.

Pop, hip-hop, electro, jazz, reggaeton… The album covers all genres. Basically, this third opus is undoubtedly his most intimate. She discusses sexuality, feminism, spirituality and self-respect.

– Almodovor and Bigas Luna? –

Songs, yes, but also and above all an aestheticism: clips, album covers and concerts of the star have been the subject, since its beginnings, of a very elaborate aestheticism linked to Spain.

Thus, some of her videos are nods to the cinema of Pedro Almodovar – she also made an appearance in “Pain and Glory” (2019) – or Bigas Luna. As in the clip “Juro que”, where we find the colors and compositions of the filmmaker of “Volver”.

The clip “Pienso en tu mira” opens with a small doll in flamenco outfit and that of “Di mi number” was inspired by the painting “La Maja” by Goya.

Music: everything (or almost) about Rosalia, world superstar