Moroccan Festival of Andalusian Music, the cultural season in motion

The Moroccan Association of Andalusian Music inaugurates the cultural season 2022-2023 by the organization of »Moroccan Music Festival Andalusian » under the theme :

“Andalusian Music at the Confluence of Moroccan, Iberian and Judaic Cultures”

Under the aegis of Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communicationand in partnership with WECASABLANCA, the Moroccan Association of Andalusian Music (AMMA) kicks off the 2022-2023 cultural season by organizing the »Moroccan Music Festival Andalusian ». An edition which, from October 19, highlights the invaluable contribution of the three cultures of Morocco, Iberia and Judaism, whose richness has fueled the growth and influence of Andalusian music throughout the centuries.

Since its creation, the Moroccan Association of Andalusian Music works to safeguard and promote Andalusian musical heritage, through cultural initiatives that highlight and preserve both its authenticity and its diversity. Due to the nobility of the values ​​it conveys, Andalusian music has always been able to unite peoples of different cultures and religions, and contribute to their rapprochement thanks to its spiritual influence, an inexhaustible source of peace and tolerance between civilizations. !

The first edition of the Moroccan Music Festival Andalusian will thus welcome, for its first edition, a panoply of artists and musical orchestras who are so many worthy heirs of the Andalusian musico-cultural heritage, during a celebration which will pay tribute to renowned poets and artists such as: Ibnou Hazm, Sami Al Maghribi, Zahra El Fassiya, Abdessadek CHKARA and others.

The members and guests of the Moroccan Association of Andalusian Music will have the pleasure of enjoying different artistic paintings with rich and varied repertoires interpreted by: the Andalusian Orchestra of Fez under the direction of Grandmaster Mohamed Briouel, the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra of Givat Washington Academy under the direction of Dr. Racheli Galay, the Valencian Spanish group “Capella de Ministerers” under the direction of musicologist Carles Magraner, Fire Orchestra Mohamed Arbi Temsamani under the direction of master Mohamed Amine Akrami, the Moroccan Orchestra of Andalusian Music under the direction of the artist Driss Berrada, the solo artists: Abderrahim SOUIRI, Françoise Atlan, Marouan HAJJI, Sanaa MARAHATI, Coco Diam’s , Shir IFRAH, Bilal Elhaouaj and Chaimaa IMRANE.

A timeless journey where different civilizations and religions will be celebrated, during artistic performances imbued with values ​​of peace and coexistence that have shaped the very essence of Morocco’s plural identity.

“Throughout the centuries, Andalusian music has been enriched by the contribution of multiple cultures and religions, and it is to reflect this pluralism and this diversity that we work, within AMMA, to promote this music. whose nobility and spirituality have always had the merit of bringing people together in a spirit of peace and tolerance” says Fatima Mabbour, Founding President of AMMA.

Moroccan Festival of Andalusian Music, the cultural season in motion