Enrico Dicò, icon of pop art, exhibits in Milan

After Dubai, Miami, Porto Cervo and Rome. From 1 to 31 December

Milan, 17 Nov. (askanews) – Starting from December 1st the works of Enrico Dicò, international icon of pop art loved by Hollywood stars, arrive in Milan for the first time with a temporary gallery, open to the public and open until December 31st in the beating heart of the city in Corso Garibaldi, at the corner with Via Palermo. His works have traveled around the world, from the heart of Rome via Miami and Dubai, to the point of being protagonists in the homes and private collections of many Hollywood stars: Enrico Dicò has become an international point of reference for pop art in recent years with his particular combustion technique, which earned him the denomination of The Fire Artist overseas.

Dicò’s technique is based on the combination of prints, materials found in urban contexts and elements belonging to world icons of the neo-pop imagery, ranging from Gandhi to Popeye, up to the Joker, Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie and Albert Einstein, with the particular technique of combustion of plexiglas plates adapted to the work and the insertion of led lights, capable of composing a unique and dynamic effect of images, lights and material corrosions.

Over the years, the attention of collectors and stars has not been long in coming: Dicò’s works are in fact present in the homes and in private collections, to name just a few, of personalities of the caliber of Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Lionel Richie , Sylvester Stallone, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Keanu Reeves.

Even Pope Francis publicly received a work by Dicò in St. Peter’s Square, directly from the artist’s hands, with a personal interpretation of Christ. Thus, in recent years, Dicò’s permanent gallery in Piazza de Ricci has become a point of reference for pop art in the historic center of Rome and one of the favorite destinations for tourism in search of unique works, which blend artistic research with the interior design.

The use of an element such as fire in art has deep roots in the last century, through the hands of masters such as Alberto Burri, Andy Warhol and Yves Klein, certainly inspirational reference points for Dicò, which nonetheless uses the flame place of the brush with a different spirit: Vittorio Sgarbi, one of the most authoritative voices on the subject of art criticism in Italy, describing Dicò, explained how the Roman artist “on the one hand, reveals a pragmatic conception of art, so what matters is the object you manage to elaborate, not what you act around it, on the other hand it gives the act of burning a connotation which, although free from mystical afflatus, is nonetheless of a material nature, of added spirituality , superimposed, one might say, augmented, transferring an indissoluble imprint of one’s personality into the object, thus modified”.

For the special inaugural occasion of December 1st, in addition to the influx of special guests, the presence of the artist Dicò is expected, who will perform in a completely new live performance with fire. Throughout the month of December it will be possible to immerse yourself in the lights and colors of the Fire Artist’s works and, if you wish, to purchase the works directly inside the gallery.

Enrico Dicò, icon of pop art, exhibits in Milan