Character of Cancer (June 21

Cancer, which zigzags along the water’s edge, brings summer with it. It is therefore – like all the signs that start a season – a “cardinal” sign. This specificity makes him suitable for “starting”, in the sense that he likes to start a project, to give birth to something… Even if it is not certain that he will finish what he has started, and not will not deprive to start something again.

The ruling planet of Cancer (also called “luminary”) is the Moon. And the Moon acts or reacts according to what the emotions dictate. With Cancer we are in the universe of skin-deep sensations, of intelligence but also of emotional vulnerability. Sign of water, it is with Scorpio and Pisces the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

But a Cancer knows how to hide his game well and does not like to be sensitive. He is like the animal that roams the beaches and the rocks caressed by the water, which hides its tender flesh behind a hard shell and waves its large claws to defend itself or to try to do so. But anyone who has known a Cancer knows how sweet, shy and delicate they can be.

The Moon, her planet, is linked to motherhood, creativity, memory, memories, comfort food and even childhood. By the way, did you know that the writer Marcel Proust was born on July 10? That of the famous madeleine, who from the memory of a cake, wrote one of the most famous pages of world literature. ” And suddenly the memory came to me. This taste was that of the little piece of madeleine that on Sunday mornings at Combray (because that day I didn’t go out before mass time), when I went to say hello to him in his room, my Aunt Léonie offered it to me after soaking it in her infusion of tea or lime blossom “… Everything is there: memory, childhood, food, sweetness, art…

Cancer – protective and protected – represents the “House”. The house as a dwelling, home but also to indicate the nest sheltered and protected by the cocoon, the roots, the family, the comfort… And in astrology, it corresponds to House 4!

Cancer says: I protect myself, I shelter, I remember and I feel “.

Qualities : Sensitivity, protection, reserve, welcoming, gentleness, maternal spirit, creativity, artistic sense, intuition, memory, fertility, ability to dream, imagination.

Defaults : Distrust, caprice, backwardness, passivity, emotional instability, laziness (sometimes), fear, confusion.

Friends of Cancer

Among the happiest unions is that with Taurus who, like Cancer, needs a certain material comfort and the solidity of a nest. They also share a certain love for food and gluttony. Virgo, less greedy and lazy, shares her sense of concreteness and dedication.

With the other water signs, the agreement is good, even if Cancer fears Scorpio for his taste for risk and his lack of fear. With Pisces, he doesn’t like this need to merge with the other. On the other hand, he loves the control capacity of the first and the extreme softness of the second.

With Capricorn, relationships go wonderfully if the two manage to integrate their differences: Cancer will bring Capricorn softness, intuition, creativity and flexibility and Capricorn will give Cancer the necessary commitment, solidity and stability. Together they can build great things.

With Sagittarius it’s not love at first sight but with time and mutual knowledge, it could work.

The understanding is less fluid with Aries, too instinctive and unconscious, and with Libra, too open to others. With Gemini, Cancer could rediscover a little youthful insouciance. But it’s about friendship more than love. In common with the Lion, there is the artistic sense and the creative power.

As for Aquarius, it is not the most obvious union unless big compromises are made: Aquarius must open up to the gentleness and sensitivity of Cancer and Cancer accept the immense need for freedom that Aquarius.

The specificities of Cancer

Anatomical correspondences

For the maternal side, Cancer is the breast, but also the digestive apparatus. Its great sensitivity explains the possible digestive disorders, which are also not unrelated to its gluttony. He may also suffer from anemia or neurasthenia when he is depressed or feels unloved.

His star, the Moon, is related to liquids, fertility, gestation and lymphatism.


Among the stones indicated for this sign we find, unsurprisingly, the Moonstone: it symbolizes candor, childhood, imagination. It encourages daydreaming and poetry. For his emotional balance Cancer could wear Rhodonite which helps to drain and eliminate wounds linked to the past and Chrysoprase which gives him the courage to welcome new things with joy. To feel protected, I always recommend Labradorite or Tiger’s Eye.


It is difficult to find a single number (among the numbers from 1 to 9) for this sign. For the sensitivity I would say the 2, which pushes him to tie with the other. If we also consider numbers greater than 9, there is an obvious correlation with 18 (see paragraph “Tarot”).


The Cancer Blade is, without a doubt, #18, the Moon. Sensitivity, memory, water, fertility, motherhood but also illusions.

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Character of Cancer (June 21-July 22): qualities, faults, compatibility