Malaysia: a jewel in the Indian Ocean

Yes you don’t settle with the usual destinations and you get tired of the nearest beach or the days of rest on the terrace, this is your article. Not that we detract from the value of our traditional vacations, but when you know what it has to offer you a destination like Malaysiathe only thing you will think about is packing your bags and, with your passport and your Mondo insurance cancellation in hand, set course for this unique land.

Malaysia: everything in one place

Malaysia has become in the country most valued as a destination in recent years, along with its neighbors Indonesia and Thailand. bathed by him Indian Oceanit’s not just their beautiful paradisiacal beaches what makes it have so much tourist push, but also its combination of culture, architecture and spirituality.

There is so much to see, that the best is travel with time and hire a Route through Malaysiain which you can experience to the fullest the beauty and uniqueness from each of its corners.

What you can’t miss

And it is that, when you travel to Malaysia, you cannot miss the opportunity to walk and even get lost in these places. Take note!

  • Kuala Lumpuran exotic city full of modern buildings.
  • Malacca, a place where Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures mix. Stroll through China City and its Little India.
  • Singapore, the capital of technology and innovation. Stroll through cosmopolitanism and be dazzled by its fabulous constructions.
  • Penanga city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, contrasts with the robotic city to focus on peace and spirituality, the color and the symmetrical beauty of Asian forms.
  • islands like kiss, Kecil either the cameron highlands, for those who love tranquility, hiking, marine fauna and those who like to explore at their own pace. They offer quiet places, where the infrastructure is replaced by tree plantations, in which to connect with nature. Ideal for backpackers.

Is it safe to travel to Malaysia?

As in every trip we make, we must do it with caution and logic that follows from common sense itself, as watch our belongings and leave with the right cash. And, in gastronomy, monitor the consumption of water or some type of food that can affect our body.

The Ministry does not make special mention of recommendations of extreme urgency when traveling to Malaysia, although they prevail in the need to travel with good comprehensive travel insuranceWell, in terms of health, Malaysia is not a cheap country at all. It is recommended insurance as complete as possible and that, currently, you can contract with very good companies, such as HeyMondo. They will take care of offering you the services you need and that best suit your needssuch as the refund of the reservation if, for any reason, we are unable to travel.

Malaysia awaits us with open arms, shine, rain, shine, we are sad or we want to give everything. It is the best destination for lovers of nature, architectural beauty and symbiotic culture.

Malaysia: a jewel in the Indian Ocean