Madonna, Tokisha and the Silence of the generations advance towards the Moral grave

When talking about the establishment of a new world order, most people act with a certain degree of indifference and carelessness, because they interpret it in the light of religious social behavior. Hardly anyone stops to think about the LGBT agenda and the actions of Madonna, Britney Spears, Tokisha, and other celebrities.

Most people, especially our youth and children, impressed by fame, luxury and followers, do not see it as a form of social and moral decline that is affecting believers, atheists and even the spiritually confused.

With the excuse that they are impartial, some media keep silent or use morbidity for their self-promotion. However, impartiality is not the same as irresponsibility or indifference. The continuous manifestations of the LGBT agenda are a social problem that threatens the emotional well-being, mental health, social, moral, cultural and spiritual integrity of our peoples and endangers the most vulnerable part of family systems, our children.

It is easy to say that children and young people are the future of the peoples, the difficult thing is to realize that the future of our nations is in danger if it falls into the hands of children and young people who are slowly being indoctrinated and trained to lose their identity and with her her will, while the media, school systems and parents remain silent.

It is alarming to see that social networks and the media are increasingly being bombarded by an unlimited amount of television programs, with sexual content and especially referring to homosexuality and lesbianism, without it seeming that it does anyone any harm. . Well-known platforms like Disney, Netflix and others no longer have a single program that promotes heterosexual values ​​or conduct as stable sexual and moral conduct.

The massive promotion of lesbianism and homosexuality has reached everywhere, from the kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears in 2003 to the new Madonna and Tokisha events and finally the children of celebrities such as Will Smith, Ben Affleck and others who now they manifest themselves publicly as binary or undefined sex.

It is impressive to see the naturalness with which some people accept this information without even flinching, but it is more worrying to see that the majority of the media and journalists remain silent in the face of this reality.

The truth is that people are free to think and say what they want, but while many are silent, evil advances without anyone stopping it and on top of that, parents and authorities remain silent as if nothing was happening.

But what would be your attitude and your response if your young son told you with a happy face, after this Madonna will be immortalized and #Tokisha goes straight to a Grammy.

While Madonna is immortalized for her lack of fear of God, her vulgarity and her evident lack of sanity with Tokisha who is on her way to a Grammy, creating social noise as an LGBT marketing strategy. Her young followers are headed for sexual depravity, moral numbness, loss of their personal will, sexual identity.

Personally, I think that it is not fair to destroy the spirituality, values ​​and culture that are the common heritage of our peoples just for the pleasure of obtaining momentary individual fame. So if parents, journalists, art writers and society remain silent. Who will take responsibility and what will be the final destiny of our humanity? What will happen to procreation? What kind of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? And you Callaras?…

Madonna, Tokisha and the Silence of the generations advance towards the Moral grave