In the United States, some podcasts appeal more to the black community

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s a fact, podcasts are a hit. But some communities are more sensitive to certain topics. This is particularly the case of the American black community, more inclined to listen to podcasts on pop culture, relationships and humor.

According to the study of Pew Research*, 46% of Afro-Americans have declared listening to a podcast over the past twelve months. And QFour subjects stand out among these amateurs: entertainment and pop culture podcasts topped the list of most listened to podcasts on a regular basis. 65% of black listeners listen to it regularly, compared to 56% of Hispanic listeners and 40% of white listeners. This is followed equally by podcasts on humour, personal development and relationships (57%), and finally on money and finances (51%).

Four in ten Hispanic listeners and a quarter of white listeners said they regularly listen to podcasts about personal development and relationships. 53% of Hispanic listeners and 44% of white listeners listen to comedy podcasts. Finally, 41% of Hispanic listeners and 25% of white listeners are fond of podcasts on money and finance.

Differences were also seen for podcasts on race and ethnicity issues, listened to regularly by 43% of black listeners compared to 19% of Hispanic listeners and only 9% of white listeners.

Sports podcasts also attract more black listeners (40%), than Hispanic listeners (28%) and white listeners (17%). The same goes for podcasts on religion and spirituality (listened to by 43% of black listeners compared to 34% of Hispanic listeners and 27% of white listeners), as well as politics, which are more liked by 45% of black listeners. , 42% of white listeners and 35% of Hispanic listeners.

Listen to learn

African-Americans are also the biggest consumers of news podcasts. 69% of black listeners more or less regularly listen to podcasts where a current topic or issue is explained in more depth compared to 57% of white listeners and 52% of Hispanic listeners. They are also more attracted to podcasts where the host gives their opinion on a current topic as well as those summarizing the news of the day.

This appeal is not surprising given that podcast lovers in the black community are the most likely to listen to this kind of program to keep up to date with the news. They are also 61% say they listen to podcasts to learn things, against 56% of white listeners, and 37% to find inspiration against 23% of white listeners.

Only podcasts on history, science and technology, and “True Crime” are the most regularly listened to by the Hispanic community.

*The Pew Research study was conducted among 5,132 American adults, from December 5 to 11, 2022

In the United States, some podcasts appeal more to the black community