In Sirmione the seventh edition of the “Economy and Spirituality Festival”

Sirmione. The seventh edition of the “Economy and Spirituality Festival” makes a stop in Sirmione (Brescia) with a special meeting: Father Guidalberto Bormolini and Daniela Lucangeli will discuss values, ideals, dreams and hopes by opening a dialogue to build together the dream of a better world . “The Spiritual Revolution and the dream of a new humanity” is the title of the appointment scheduled for Thursday 29 September at 9 pm at the Palazzo dei Congressi with free admission.
The Municipality of Sirmione thus hosts two professionals and scholars of great importance who will open a dialogue on crucial issues that intertwine society and spirit, an immanent and transcendent dimension, in search of a new meaning of collective living and the spiritual dimension.

In the words of Bormolini himself: “Ours is now a dreamless society. The world behind us was not the best of possible societies. Today humanity is at a crossroads. We cannot miss the opportunity to transform this time of crisis into an opportunity for growth to become more human. No social revolution will be possible unless an interior and spiritual revolution will also take place. A nonviolent, peaceful revolution that sprouts from that seed of beauty kept in every heart, which blooms only if put in communion “. The meeting on 29 September will be an opportunity to reflect and think about spirituality as a vital dimension that also goes beyond the boundaries of religions and individual confessions, but which is such only if it is open to the mystery of the other and of the world. and if with honesty and freedom she remains ready to welcome the Transcendent, as it will show itself to the soul of the seeker.

Father Guidalberto Bormolini, former worker in a carpentry and luthier, lives in a community of monastic inspiration, is a spiritual assistant, lecturer and thanatologist. Graduated from the Pontifical Gregorian University, he obtained a licentiate in theological anthropology and is a doctoral student in spiritual theology at the University of S. Anselmo in Rome. He is a lecturer at the Master “Death Studies & the End of Life” of the University of Padua.
He deals with interreligious dialogue and has traveled extensively, meeting other traditions and wisdoms. He lives and works in the community of “Reconstructors in prayer”, and is restoring a ruined and uninhabited village on the Prato Apennines. The village is called “Everything is Life” and will also have a hospice that will welcome the sick in recent times, for assistance and spiritual accompaniment.

Daniela Lucangeli, Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Padua and expert in learning psychology. She is the author of numerous research and intervention contributions in the field of learning. She is a member of national and international scientific associations, including the World Academy of Research on Learning Disabilities (IARLD). She is also National President of CNIS (Association for the National Coordination of Specialized Teachers). You are also president of Mind 4 Children, a spin-off of the University of Padua: a fluid community of scientists, researchers, specialists, teachers, educators at the service of Human Potential.

In Sirmione the seventh edition of the “Economy and Spirituality Festival” – QuiBrescia