Gold between Procida and Bacoli

Maria Pia Daidone’s exhibition is a tribute to Procida: from Bacoli gold becomes an achemic instrument capable of changing signs, colors and materials

from Antonio Vitale

BACLES | METROPOLITAN CITY OF NAPLES – In the Casina Vanvitelliana del Fusaro, in the Bourbon Park in Piazza Gioacchino Rossini Friday 30 September at 5 pm the vernissage of the exhibition will be held Maria Pia Daidone by title Gold between Procida and Bacoli – Nonsoloinchiostri.

The exhibition makes use of the critical text, as well as the artistic direction of Antonio Ciraci.

During the inauguration, the intervention of the journalist is scheduled Maurizio Vitiello.

Gold between Procida and Bacoli – Nonsoloinchiostri it will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 17 to 21. On Sundays from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 21.

Maria Pia Daidone he is a teacher of artistic subjects. He lives in Naples, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Italy, founded by Charles of Bourbon in 1752.

Details of the exhibition: Maria Pia Daidone – Spirituality of-sign.

In the pen or ink strokes, in the landscape reliefs or in the synthesis of essential lines, Maria Pia Daidone’s figuration always moves in a dimension of intense spirituality, not sought after, but felt.

The predominance of light, the rigor of the sign, lead back to an idea of ​​purity, of archaic beauty.

In this case we are talking about sign light and color light that pervades the visual dimension of the urban landscape of Procida, Prokeitai for the ancient Greeks. The Emerged Earth lying down, kissed by the sun, in the great Neapolitan bay, so dear to storytellers and portraits of all times.

So dear also to Maria Pia, who has within her that landscape, those huts perched one on top of the other, the narrow streets and steep stairways that enter Corricella and lead to the pleasant beaches, to the Santissima Annunziata, up to Terra Murata. .

Maria Pia who lets herself go, who arranges her hand, her fingers, in the guise of alchemical tools capable of changing signs, colors and materials observed and experienced in archaic traces, immutable symbols over time and, for this reason, pure.

Maria Pia does not portray what she sees, she raises what she feels and lives to sacred.

Two other elements, constant in Daidone’s work, are also the Game and the Fable. The Neapolitan artist, of international dimension, also in this homage to Procida, produced ad hoc for his first exhibition at the Casina Vanvitelliana al Fusaro, entitled “Gold between Procida and Bacoli – Nonsoloinchiostri“, He gives us his vision of the world in a playful key, the same that moved the research of the great Paul Klee, where the artist, with full awareness, even in his most educated and refined expressions, tends to keep his inspiration intact and the codification of infantile feeling. Which brings us back to that ecstatic dimension, proper to his work, proper to the place he loves most. (Note by Antonio Ciraci of 14 September 2022).

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Gold between Procida and Bacoli – Nonsoloinchiostri