From the Valley of the Fallen to Elche: choir schools united by music

The Basilica of Santa Maria has hosted this Saturday a concert set offered by the Choir of the Valley of the Fallen and the Escolania del Misteri. The appointment was already announced a few days ago when the controversy after the Board of Trustees omitted from its social networks the name by which the youth choral base of the Santo Domingo de Silos Abbey is best known, while the promotional posters that the basilica itself put out did appear with the full name of the group.

Escolanía del Misteri during his intervention in the concert, directed by the mestre de cappella Javier Gonzálvez Matthias Segarra

Although the musical encounter, halfway between the extraordinary Misteri performances of the autumn cycle, has had a massive reception since the temple has been practically full to enjoy the pieces that both groups have performed.

musical works

First More than twenty members have participated of the youth choir of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos. As indicated in the presentation, three antiphons have been played, conducted by Fray Javier, which take the melody of known hymns like easter Victime Pascalis Lauds of praise to Mary, as well as Lorate Celi “one of the most beautiful and sublime compositions of the advent season”, he highlighted.

Escolanía del Valle de los Caídos during the concert in the Basilica of Santa María de Elche this Saturday Matthias Segarra

At the end of the concert, thanks were given for the welcome given by the young singers, who have been staying at the house of spirituality Diego Hernández next to the Rest House.


The Choir of the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is the choir of singing children of the abbey basilica of Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos, located in the municipality of San Lorenzo del Escorial, according to the website itself.

It was founded in 1958 with the aim of “contributing to greater solemnity in the liturgical celebrations of the abbey basilica following the European tradition of teaching music and choral singing in monasteries, collegiate churches and cathedrals”.

In the Escolania buildinglocated in the Valle de los Caídos complex, next to the abbey, around 50 children between 9 and 14 years old, a stage in which the voices, before puberty, are called white voices, are trained academically and musically .

have been distinguished especially for its Gregorian. They sing it every day during the academic year in the basilica solemn mass, at 11 in the morning with the Benedictine monks and any visitor can attend. Another medieval tradition that is followed, of Parisian origin, is the Obispillo festival, every first of May, by which one of the boys from the choir is invested as the highest authority for that day, dressing him as a bishop and the other children must pay homage to him.

From the Valley of the Fallen to Elche: choir schools united by music