From art to book, Manuela Carnini in her Bust: “What matters is love”

On 7 October Manuela Carnini – aka FRIDAMI – presented her book “FRIDAMI, the only thing that matters is love” in the municipal library of Busto Arsizio. “I am very proud to be here in my hometown talking about my book,” she said.

Woman, mother, vascular surgeon, champion synchronized swimming and painter, Manuela Carnini also presents herself as a writer. She introduces her by Manuela Maffioli, deputy mayor of Busto Arsizio and councilor for culture: «she must not be presented, but told».

«My painting was born like a bolt of lightning. I started painting with the colors of my children and then it became a necessity », declares FRIDAMI. Now he paints what he feels.

The writer says: «Something happened in my private life that upset me. The lockdown was the time I could really stop, rediscover the value of purity, linked to the time to spend with my children. I entered into their joy, into their purity, into being satisfied with nothing. From there we started playing with colors. This allowed me to heal my wounds and to respond – through art – to all the evil received with love ».

The greatest impetus of his artistic vein is in the most absolute solitude, in the most distressing pain. Many of his paintings are done at night, almost always in prayer or meditation. He feels the need for spirituality.

His book is about this: introspection. Presents 30 works, each accompanied by reflections and thoughts made in profound solitude. «The book wants to make it clear that, in the end, only love counts in life. That’s what I understand. Art allows me to express, through my hands, what is in my heart », says the author.

FRIDAMI’s intent is to give voice to the dull cry of many women who suffer violence. The proceeds from the evening of presentation of the book and the sale of some works will be donated to the EVA ONLUS Anti-Violence Center.

«The merit of Manuela is to know harness the power of art: blindfold the ugly with the shape and make it beautiful. The formalized feeling, even if painful, becomes less fearful », says Angelo Crespi, writer and art critic.

“Behind the apparently muted colors there is an anguish and the attempt to get away from it,” he continues. In Manuela Carnini’s paintings there is a correspondence to the sublime, which is something frightening but fascinating.

During the evening of 7 October, it was also presented his first digital virtual workwhich unites two paintings: “Unites only love heals with sublime love”.

Emanuele Antonelli, Mayor of Busto Arsizio concludes the presentation: «It doesn’t often happen that a Bustocca person takes part in an Olympics and wins a Palme d’Or for the Visual Arts. I am proud to have you as a citizen ».


From art to book, Manuela Carnini in her Bust: “What matters is love”