Considerable presence of the public at the “Tibet heart of Asia” exhibition taking place in Perugia in the Rocca Paolina

Perugia, 10 October 2022. The exhibition “Tibet heart of Asia” will continue as scheduled until 23 October, hosted by the Cannoniera Hall of the Rocca Paolina in Perugia and organized by the Italy-Tibet association with the patronage of the Municipality of Perugia.

The curator and author of the images on display is Claudio Cardelli, president of the Italy-Tibet Association, documentary maker for RAI and photographer.

Tibet with its culture, its history, its people are illustrated with eloquent, symbolic and fascinating images, captured by Cardelli in his over forty years of travels in all the territories of Tibetan culture in Central Asia. From Tibet itself occupied by China in 1950, to Bhutan, Sikkim, Mustang, Zangskar, Ladakh without counting the world of the diaspora formed in India after the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet in 1959.

Leonardo Varasano, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Perugia, on the day of the inauguration stressed that the exhibition “is an exhibition of profound human, civil and cultural value. The images of the Land of Snows offer us and bring us closer to the charm of Tibet and the temper of the Tibetan people, its intense spirituality, its tenacious yearning for autonomy and freedom “.

Also present at the inauguration were the information minister of the Central Tibetan Administration, Norzin Dolma, the representative of the Dalai Lama in Europe, Thienly Chukkyi, Tseten Longhini president of the Tibetan Community in Italy. In their speech, they thanked the Municipality of Perugia for hosting it and the Italy-Tibet association for organizing it.

Claudio Cardelli also wanted to recall the work done by Pier Francesco Quaglietti, regional contact person for the association, for “the great vitality that Umbria is expressing with regard to the” Tibetan Question “

Another important appointment within this exhibition is the presentation of the book by Piero Verni, “The smile and the wisdom. Dalai Lama authorized biography “, at the Apollo Hall of the Palazzo della Penna in Perugia. The introduction was by the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Perugia, Leonardo Varasano. He thanked the author for this book that illustrates the figure of the Dalai Lama, making us Westerners understand his teaching as well. Varasano reiterated the closeness of the Municipality of Perugia to the Tibetan people, who yearn for freedom. A closeness that is also manifested in the exhibition set up at the Rocca Paolina, inviting you to visit it, because Cardelli’s photographs offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the colors, culture and spirituality of Tibet and its people.

Piero Verni, a well-known scholar of Tibet, illustrated the salient parts of the book, enriching his speech with anecdotes about the period in which he was close to the Dalai Lama to develop the material necessary to publish the authorized biography. “I simply wanted to write a biography of a man, drawing on what I have been able to hear, see, know about him. A man not only deeply loved by his people … an example to look to for all those who seek in the midst of difficulties of all kinds to bring about a positive change in individual life … “

Considerations and questions to the author were asked by the journalist Umberto Maiorca and by the president of the Italy-Tibet association, Claudio Cardelli.

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Considerable presence of the public at the “Tibet heart of Asia” exhibition taking place in Perugia in the Rocca Paolina