This is Daniela Biló, the third secular virgin of Salamanca

The bishop consecrated her in the Old Cathedral and she will be at the service of the diocesan ministry in the company of two other sisters of the “Ordo Virginum”.

Her name is María Daniela Biló, she is from Argentina and has found in the “Ordo Virginum” the way to quench her thirst for God and what “substantially coincides with what she was living”. It is one of the oldest forms of female consecration and corresponds to a vocation that is born in a diocese, unrelated to a religious congregation and whose mission is to serve the diocesan ministry.

For Daniela it means “an enormous gift from God that I don’t know how to thank and a great happiness and illusion”.

Salamanca has been your home for the last fifteen years, the city he chose to study Theology. Still, his childhood was heavily linked to faith and began long before he can remember. “My mother transmitted the faith to me and I always studied in Catholic schools, that makes you much more sensitive to the spiritual”, she acknowledged while assuring that from a very young age she had felt very attracted to the life of prayer. “As a child, God gives you a gift, a seed, very deep experiences that you still cannot verbalize or dare to tell, but when you look back you realize that everything was there in germ and you unfold it,” she said.

During her adolescence, Daniela experienced a great concern for religious life and at the age of twenty she entered a contemplative community in Carmel: “It has been a very strong, very beautiful experience, I would not be who I am if I had not learned from Teresa and Juan de la Cruz, The contemplative life is a gift that God has given me together with the people who have helped me grow”, she acknowledged excitedly, stressing that after all this process a new element appeared that helped her change her way of living the faith.

He arrived in Spain and began to study Theology, He left the cloister and joined the life of the Secular Carmel: “It is the same spirituality but in the world, within society, it is a closer testimony and you can share theological reflection and spirituality in a less intimate environment,” he stressed.

During all this time, Daniela felt the need to radicalize consecration to God and he wanted to do it “with a strong insertion in the diocese where he was living, in that of Salamanca.” Little by little he got to know the “Ordo Virginum” and talking with the two consecrated virgins, with the other candidate and with the bishop and he saw that it was the path of prayer that he wanted to adopt. “It is a strong commitment to the life of prayer, to diocesan life, to radically live the spousal dimension with Christ and motherhood within a community,” he acknowledged, emphasizing that “it fills it completely.”

The act of consecration

In a solemn act full of rituals and symbolism, the Bishop of the Diocese of Salamanca, Msgr. José Luis Retana, consecrated Daniela Biló on Sunday at 12:00 pm in the Old Cathedral accompanied by the sisters of the Margarita Martín Order, Luisa Antonia and another candidate Mary Njeri Muthami.

Before the start of the celebration, Daniela Biló was accompanied by the other sisters with lighted candles and during the celebration she received three symbols: the wedding ring, the veil and the book of the Liturgy of Hours.

This is Daniela Biló, the third secular virgin of Salamanca