Between Mercury retrograde and the Full Moon, how do the stars influence you?

The moment you are born marks much more than a birthday date. The day, hour and year are essential, because they will have an effect on the way this new person will live.. How is it possible?

The position of the planets at that exact moment exerts a powerful influence on each human being, in such a way that it can even interfere with his mood or his fortune. And this sensitivity continues once adults, when each eclipse and each lunar phase can modify sensations they experience, according to their sign.

the moon is growing

The lunar phase these days is Crescent. In each New Moon there is a beginning and the desire to undertake a new project is born with the probability that it will turn out well. The New Moon is fertile land, with it begins a cycle that will end after 6 months, with the Full Moon. Together with the light of the moon, the energy grows day after day, the seeds you plant will also grow. The cycle continues with the First Quarter, when those ideas must be put into practice.

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the moon is waning

The Full Moon invites energy to flow and recharge, so impulses must be controlled when everything feels more intense and it is even difficult to fall asleep. It is time to close cycles and leave behind what must be released. The Last Quarter phase arrives to make the Moon lose its light and generate a feeling of tiredness.


Eclipses occur at Full and New Moons and increase the magnetic force between the satellite and the Sun. This causes, in general, emotions emerge with greater intensity and sensitivity. Anxiety, anguish and exhaustion are some of the possible states to go through, although it always depends on each individual in particular.

How do the planets connect with you?

The planets also interfere with people and even move through the signs of the zodiac, giving rise to what is known in astrology as planetary transits. To illustrate, the Sun changes sign every 30 days and the Moon every two days, Mercury and Venus every 25 days.

According to astrological studies, the position of the planets determines certain personality traits. In total, there are ten and they do not coincide with those taught at school. For example, the Sun represents the personality and individuality of the person, the Moon is related to emotions and instincts, the most secret side.

For its part, the famous Mercury reflects the ability to learn by linking with communication and intellect. Lately it has become very popular to talk about Mercury retrograde, referring to the terrestrial perception that the planet is spinning in the opposite direction than everyone else in the Solar System does.

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When this happens it causes interference, delays and “misinterpretations”. But it is not necessary to worry since, it is possible to know in advance on what dates it will happen to prevent it and, the most important thing is that it implies a paradigm shift, a transformation in the mind and communications.

Continuing with the other planets, Venus rules love and sensuality, so the way of loving and the individual interpretation of beauty is linked to it. Mars is the warrior planet that shows each person’s strength, energy and courage, while the ability to regenerate and power are associated with Pluto.

Happiness and abundance are given by Jupiter, which defines the field of luck, while Saturn implies challenges to learn, as it is related to discipline, maturity and order. When it comes to the ability to change, Uranus is the one named, and when it comes to spirituality and imagination, Neptune is in charge.

The birth chart is like an alchemical recipe that must be observed as a whole. A group of factors that come to determine the disposition of the individual before life, their motivations, way of being and even physical appearance. The four cardinal points are also crucial components in it. Those points are: ascending, descending, midheaven and bottom sky.

According to Rafael Parigi, Director of Marketing at Astrolink, “the ascendant is the first impression we make on the world. What we call ascendant on the cusp of our 1st house in the birth chart, symbolizes the mask we wear during our lives, that is, it is ‘the clothes we wear’. It also reveals our basic mannerisms and temperament shown to people. The ascendant is the energy that we always need to develop throughout our lives.”

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the descender: It is opposite the ascendant, it falls in the 7th house, which is the house of relationships. Its meaning has to do with another, the sign in which it is found shows us which partner we usually attract. It also shows the characteristics that we do not see in ourselves and therefore we see them projected on others.

The midheaven: falls in the 10th house, refers to goals and motivations. It indicates how the person participates in society, it also refers to her spirituality and beliefs.

The sky background: It falls in the 4th house. It refers to the past, both the genetic and psychological inheritance of the person.

All people are influenced differently by the planets and their positions at the time of their birth and during the different cycles, that is why when preparing the unique and individual birth chart, which in Astrolink can be done for free.

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Between Mercury retrograde and the Full Moon, how do the stars influence you?