Bella Hadid closes 2022 by revolutionizing her look and goes blonde

Bella Hadid She is back blonde. Well yes, after years in which the supermodel has darkened her natural hair, perhaps to differentiate herself from her superstar sister Gigi, here she is astounding everyone about her by posting a story on Instagram about her where she reveals her brand new golden blonde. A revolution that arrives at the end of the year, perhaps wanted to face 2023 on the right foot in the name of change, a theme very dear to Bella, who has exposed herself several times to talk about mental health, personal well-being and the search for spirituality.

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She feels better a little blonder, she jokingly writes accompanying this shocking photo, to say the least, given that it is her hair and not a wig, as she instead wore during photo shoots and fashion shows for cuts and colors impact. A look that gives the American supermodel a lot, plus bright and fresh, since it marries more with its starting colors. In recent years you have wanted to play with a more decisive and somewhat dark and mysterious image, but now it’s time for a change.

Bella Hadid’s new blonde is already the color trend of 2023

To work on Bella Hadid’s hair were the hairstylist Jessica Gillin and the New York colorist Jenny Perry, trusted collaborators of the model. The latter a Vogue he explained that he wanted to lighten the hair but without exaggerating since he started from a very dark dyed hair. Thus she was born new beige and warm shadewhich she renamed herself Baby Bella or Aspen Blonde. Roots and tips have undergone different treatments to obtain a result that was as amalgamated and natural as possible, emphasized by the application of long extensions of the perfect color, fused with the natural hair thanks to the cut created by Gillian. Starting from the central line, two long tufts and a long layering have been created to frame the face, in this beautiful case.

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It goes without saying that this rather warm honey blonde, which fluctuates between beige and some light auburn shades, is destined to become one of the trendiest hair colors of 2023as well as the long and very long cuts made lively by tufts and light fringes.

Change of look, change of life: good resolutions for 2023

Bella Hadid rounds off a 2022 that has seen many celebs grappling with radical changes in terms of color above all, going from a natural brown to a blinding blond or vice versa, often returning to one’s natural shade. As for example Dua Lipa did, abandoning the breaking platinum or Gigi Hadid herself, splendid again in her proverbial Californian blond. In short, let these changes inspire us: a new hairstyle often means a new phase of life, between personal projects and awareness. New year, new look!

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Bella Hadid closes 2022 by revolutionizing her look and goes blonde