White noises #12, an open door to musical and literary creation

Three meetings are proposed, on December 9 and 10, in Bagnols, Mende and Lanuéjols.

For the 12th edition of the Bruits blancs festival, the Rudeboy Crew association, the Théâtre de Mende, as part of its cultural season, the company l’Hiver nu and Scènes croisées de Lozère are once again joining forces to offer a festival in three locations, December 9 and 10.

This festival takes place every year, since 2011, around the month of December. Born in Arcueil (Val-de-Marne), in Anis Gras, it unfolds, depending on the editions, in several cities, Paris, Alfortville, Mende, Toulouse, Montpellier… It is a laboratory of discoveries anchored in musical artistic life and contemporary literature.

Support artists

It directly supports artists by offering them a space for creation and encounter, for singular exploration likely to open up to unexpected collaborations.

Bruits blancs was born from a conviction: there is no artistic vitality except in permanent exploration, discovery, and the opening of unknown paths.

Friday, at 6.30 p.m., at the O (l) tto Ladush theater in Bagnols-les-Bains: concrete music performance by ERikm who will offer a sound performance to listen to comfortably installed, at the end of three days of wandering around on the lookout for the natural sounds of the territory. His works bring together strangeness and reason, accident and unison, farce and gravity, instinct and anticipation, popular and learned. As it will be a question of giving pride of place to sensations, in addition to the concert, small culinary tastings will be offered blindfolded. Show from 6 years old (duration: 40 minutes).

Saturday 10 December, at 4 p.m., at Antirouille, in Mende: Captured dreams drummer and electroacoustic musician, Uriel Barthélémi. Captured dreams is a reflection on the appropriations of sound worlds by different powers. Music, sound art, is intimately linked to spirituality and, in fact, to religion. Her link to the invisible world remains magical. Through a set up mixing drums, electronics, new lutherie and video, Uriel Barthélémi explores and questions, in a very free and personal way, this axis which has given rise to research and fantasies of all kinds. From 6 years old (duration: 45 minutes).

Saturday, at 6.30 p.m., at the Fabrique du Viala, in Lanuéjols: musical and poetic explorations for a live confrontation between literary writing and musical writing with a banquet at free price after the show: meetings between writers and musicians in the form of unpublished sequences of twenty minutes based on improvisation; a real time of creation: two artists who do not know each other are invited to discover each other and to propose a direct confrontation between literary, poetic and electronic musical writing. With musicians Nadia Ratsimandresy and ERikm and authors Nadège Prugnard and Samuel Gallet. From 11 years old.

Prices: €6 per location. Festival pass: €15. Online ticketing at cross-scenes.fr.

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White noises #12, an open door to musical and literary creation