“The Colors of Creation” exhibition by Marina Ravaioli from 21 January to 5 February 2023

SARSINA (FC) – “The Colors of Creation”, personal painting exhibition by Marina Ravaioli: from Saturday 21 January to Sunday 5 February 2023 at Sala Mostre Centro Studi Plautini, Via IV Novembre, 13 in Sarsina (FC). The exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Sarsina and in collaboration with the Proloco di Sarsina, can be visited from … Read more

On the Way: fight against gambling, movements for the care of Creation, bishops and priests in comparison

Program that follows the ongoing synodal path, to share the most interesting diocesan experiences, to deepen the innovative processes launched by the local Churches. On air from Monday to Friday at 19.30 leads Enrico Selleri Monday 9 January Addiction to gambling: a social problem reported to the institutions by the Italian Church and by the … Read more

Benedict XVI and ecology: Protecting creation requires a new cultural vision

More than any of his predecessors, the German pontiff has spoken out about the environment and ecology, to the point that he has earned the nickname “Green Pope.” Father Mariano Pappalardo, director of the Evangelization and Catechesis service of the diocese of Rieti: for him, the book of nature is an “invisible book” that includes … Read more

White noises #12, an open door to musical and literary creation

Three meetings are proposed, on December 9 and 10, in Bagnols, Mende and Lanuéjols. For the 12th edition of the Bruits blancs festival, the Rudeboy Crew association, the Théâtre de Mende, as part of its cultural season, the company l’Hiver nu and Scènes croisées de Lozère are once again joining forces to offer a festival … Read more

Islamic art and the ban on representing creation

Discovering a world through art that we don’t really know. Thinking about Arab worldour mind can only travel to those lands magical and mysterious, where smells and sounds seem to drive a life punctuated by prayers and lived in the markets. Talking about Islamic art, however, is more complicated especially if we consider that it … Read more

The wanderings of Al Adl Wal Ihsane out of fuel, 40 years after its creation

The celebration of the creation of a movement is traditionally associated, by its leaders and its thinkers, with a moment of glorification of the course of the movement and its feats of arms, as well as “its efficient strategy which held in check the maneuvers of Power against it”. However, this story does not present … Read more

Grand Quest “Heroic Creation” (II)

In the previous installment we launched an idea based on addressing the issue of socialist creation in each territorial area with its dissimilar characteristics that make up and make up the particularity of each geo-human concentration. We also said that it is necessary to articulate the “creative powers of the people”, to remember the poet … Read more

Jewish community in Salta celebrates another year of creation

September 26, 2022 – 09:42 Last night began Rosh Hashanah, which will end tomorrow night. Last night began the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, in which the Jewish community commemorates the creation of the world, the universal new year, which will last until tomorrow night. According to biblical accounts, 5,783 years have passed since the creation … Read more

The analysis. Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam bent to Artificial Intelligence

What mystical essence will contain the Creation of Adam frescoed on the vault of the Sistine Chapel to release its dose of symbolic power to each generation? In the 1990s, redundantly launched by President Bush as “the decade of the brain” for the impulse provided to neuroscience, the interpretation that the reddish mantle that forms … Read more