Top 5 Best Original Blockbuster Songs

A trending topic on Twitter was about the best original songs made for a movie. CNET, here are our favorites! These five classic songs are the best original tracks ever made for a movie.

A recent topic that went viral on Twitter looked back at some of the best songs made specifically for movies. GameSpot, here are the five best tracks from the team that can also give you a whiff of nostalgia:

“X Gon’ Give It to Ya” by DMX

The latest DMX “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” was the first single from the soundtrack of the 2003 action/thriller film Cradle 2 The grave. The explosive, kinetic track is one of the late Mount Vernon native’s signature hits that captures attention.

The song was played in movies long after Cradle 2 The Grave, including the 2016 meta-superhero movie Dead Pool.

B2K’s “Badaboom”

B2K hit song, “Badaboom,” for the 2004 dance film You are served featuring two of B2K’s members: Omarion and Houston Brands is another classic to remember. It doesn’t get more early 2000s than that; the group of boys rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with that subtle, soft bop.

The track shown grammys-Brooklynite nominee Fabulous and stayed on the Billboard list for four consecutive weeks.

“Try Again” by Aaliyah

by Aaliyah hit single for action/thriller 2000 Romeo must die proves that she was on the verge of a successful musical career. The late lyricist’s catchy lyrics fit perfectly with by Timbaland early use of electronic rhythms.

The track was rated 14 on Billboard’s 100 Greatest Songs of 2000 and picked up two MTV Video Music Awards: “Best female video” and “Best video of a film”.

“He Still Loves Me” by Beyoncé

Written and sung by both Beyonce and Walter Williams Sr. from O’Jaysthe

witty song was made for the 2003 musical The Temptations of Fighting. The moving music that accompanies the track and Queen Bey’s angelic voice elevates the film beyond belief.

As it plays towards the film’s climax, it imbues the film with a sense of intimacy and purpose by mirroring the internal dialogue of Cuba Gooding Jr. Darrin character.

Three 6 Mafia “It’s tough here for a pimp”

Finally, in honor of the late Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo, Three 6 Mafia “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” was the raunchy theme song for the 2005 drama Bustle and flow future star Empire co stars Taraji P.Henson and Terrence Howard. The film is a modern underdog story of Howard’s DJay, a pimp who struggles to make ends meet and longs for a better life.

A chance meeting with an old friend who works in the music industry motivates him to pursue a similar path. The signature hit reflects DJay’s state of mind, much like Fight the temptations “He still loves me” mirrors Darrin’s.

The song won Three 6 Mafia the Academy Award for “Best Original Song”. This makes him the second to win the accolade after Eminem, who won for 8 miles“Get lost.”

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