The new age: a mix of UFOs, science, spirituality

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When the human being develops depending on the external: the issue of UFOs did not escape planetary programming.

It could not be otherwise. It is in the hands of human beings. A human being who immersed himself in the systemic world without any doubt, without questions, endorsing the tools, the dialectical utensils, in the most complete sense of ignorance.

In this way, the UFO theme remained a phenomenon, wrapped in a sea of ​​interpretations. Congresses held in the 90s, the theme was exposed by the guests as lecturers, gatherings that as an organizer of the CIO activities I was able to enjoy without borders. In such an activity, I was able to taste reflections, like desires. In the majority, the constant desire was felt: hopefully the UFO issue does not reach the depression that the system is taking us, a system that is already in decline.

Pedro Romaniuk

Don Pedro (Pedro Romaniuk) said: I am very happy because the institutions are cracking…

We are sure that for those who were ahead of us, for those who are no longer here today, in that excellent reading that they did on the UFO subject, they would assure that depression arrived for this matter. It seems that everything comes, in good times as in bad.

The prophecies speak of it in the same way. Written since the dawn of time, it establishes the urgency of reading the diagnosis. An urgent way from each individual not to join the complicity of speaking in the terms of the system. It is allowing discernment, simply for mental health.

When already from the UFO issue, and some other reflective disciplines such as Philosophy, the media were denounced as part of power, in a fourth place, as an alert, today communication became an active part between us and He passed us the complaint to denounce ourselves. The confusion does not allow us to see what each word is in its true concept, as at the same time a disorder is made between the truth and the lie.

In the well-read history of the UFO treaty, historical events make alert in the denunciation as well as in the exposition of events capable of allowing us and realizing the importance that we have given to the parade of vanities. Being in the first place suggesting subscribers as followers, whatever the line that has been followed in the subject, ahead of the more accurately said knowledge.

Our Congresses, in addition to witnessing these events, have presented what are called scoops. They were simply events of the same moment that we were living in a contextual order within the framework of knowledge, from the UFO phenomenon, accompanied by geopolitical and sociocultural actions. Links to the UFO theme as to our daily life. In this journey of almost 40 years, it allows us to generate the revisionism typical of the theme of extraterrestrial reality, as of life itself in times of confusion.

And we ask ourselves again, repeatedly: What are we talking about when we talk about the UFO issue?

I share with you a report that makes one of the asides of the UFO subject that has occupied us so much since the beginning of reading that life presented us in an impeccable way at that time. Today distorted, deformed as used for consumer use. That chapter is “The New Age”. Confusion? Part of the Planetary Agenda? System oversight? And society, the individual dances history without realizing it. Betting on his individuality, fooling himself.

Of course. So is. Nothing that can be changed. Each one will be responsible.

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The new age: a mix of UFOs, science, spirituality