The theatrical review Interpretare l’Antico kicks off

The theatrical review Interpretare l’Antico kicks off

The second edition of the theatrical review Interpretare l’Antico will start on Thursday 1 September, directed by Gigi Spedale for the Latitudes Network, set in the Communicare l’Antico project, shared and organized with the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park, directed by Gabriella Tigano and with the NaxosLegge Festival, directed by Fulvia Toscano; with the collaboration of the DAMS of the University of Messina and the ERSU Messina.

The shows and special events, inspired by the Myths, which will be held in the splendid setting of the Nike Theater of the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park, are as follows:

  • Thursday 1st September at 9.30pm “Oἶδα – a musical rite for the Theater”, dramaturgy by Beercock, from “Le Baccanti” by Euripides. Directed by Giuseppe Provinzano, with Sergio Beercock, Naomi Adeniji Folasade, Julia Jedlikowska, Jean-Mathieu Marie, Alfred Sobo Blay (produced by Progetto Amunì – Babel).
  • Saturday 10 September at 9.30 pm “Persèfone” by Ghiannis Ritzos, Homer, Cicero, Diodorus Siculus, Ovid, Claudian with Elisa Di Dio, voice and movements Cristina Di Mattia, directed by Filippa Ilardo (Production of the Arpa Company).
  • Friday 16 September at 9.30 pm “Edipo Re (make)” by Sophocles – dramaturgy and direction Cinzia Maccagnano, with Dario Garofalo, Cinzia Maccagnano, Luna Marongiu, Cristina Putignano, Raffaele Gangale (Bottega del Pane production).

The program of special events is particularly rich:

  • On September 4th at 7pm, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the NaxosLegge Festival organizes the presentation of the book Pasolini and the ancient poets (ed. Mimesis) by Andrea Cerica. Fulvia Toscano will intervene with the author. At 9:00 pm the screening of Pasolini’s film Edipo Re is scheduled.
  • On September 5th at 9.00 pmCantiere Orestea, public restitution of the workshop, open to citizens, organized by the NaxosLegge Festival and curated by Cinzia Maccagnano, with the students of the Caminiti-Trimarchi Liceo in Giardini Naxos who will perform readings of passages from Aeschylus’ Orestea translated by Pasolini.
  • Finally, on 10 September at 5:30 pm the students of the DAMS of Messina, will hold a public restitution of the dramaturgical project on the Presence and on the Possession entitled The Measure of the Abyss, for the homonymous theater workshop, organized and curated by Prof. Dario Tomasello and realized thanks to the PSMSAD Fund, in collaboration with UniversiTeatrali of the University of Messina.

The artistic director of the festival, Gigi Spedale, quoting the director Giuseppe Provinzano, presents Oἶδα in this way: “We inaugurate Interpreting the Ancient with a musical rite that becomes theater (and nostos), working on the state of consciousness and on the performativity of the interpretative trance. A particular liminal form of theater that works on the poetics of the moment and the symbolic: the Bacchantes live the story as a reminiscence, a memory, an ironic narration of the social, spiritual and political events of classical tragedy, demystified by capitalist interests, taken by aims in the name of respect for the body and for cultural and gender diversity. The sounds of bodies and voices, through the use of microphones that become and electronic equipment set up as altars, in a created by the rods, which becomes a contemporary auditorium. Participatory performance, which can be crossed by the public, as in a social rite in which to get involved “.

Theatrical performances: single seat € 8.00 (reductions and agreements are foreseen)

Special events: free admission


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The theatrical review Interpretare l’Antico kicks off