The “path” at the center of the 2022 Hospitality Festival

The second edition of the “Reception Festival” is scheduled in Turin from 9 September to 27 October 2022, organized in collaboration with the Missionary Office of the Archdiocese, on issues related to the encounter, comparison and integration of migrants who come to live in our cities, to build a new community together.

The event was presented on Friday 9 September at 10.30 in the Sala delle Colonne in the Turin Town Hall – Piazza Palazzo di Città 1. The Mayor of Turin dott. Stefano Lo Russo, the Archbishop Msgr. Roberto Repole (transcript of the audio intervention attached at the bottom of the page and in the videoplayer below), the president of the Crt Foundation Giovanni Quaglia and Marzia Sica of the Compagnia di San Paolo, the director of the Office for the Pastoral Care of Migrants Sergio Durando.

The Festival’s busy agenda includes 49 appointments in 25 locations on social, ethical, legal and cultural issues; theatrical and musical performances, a film festival, book presentations, special initiatives for young people and four meetings dedicated to the themes of the Faith. 151 speakers will bring their contribution (of these 46% women and 25% of foreign origin), including: Archbishop Msgr. Repole, the Bishop of Asti Msgr. Marco Prastaro, the journalists Domenico Quirico and Nello Scavo, the parliamentarian Andrea Giorgis, the writer Paolo Rumiz and the monk Enzo Bianchi, the directors Laura Curino and Gabriele Vacis, the president of the Migrantes Foundation Mons. Gian Carlo Perego.


The Reception Festival wants to offer an opportunity to institutions, the world of the third sector and citizenship to pause to reflect on the profound meanings of the verb to welcome, to build relationships and alliances, to recognize our limitations and our weaknesses but also to enhance the commitment of those who work daily in favor of those who come to our country: religious and secular institutions, public and private, families and many individuals. The main theme of this edition of the event will be the “journey”.

As in the first successful and participatory edition of 2021, this year too we will travel within the multiple meanings of the verb “to welcome” thanks to the contributions of social workers, artists, writers, philosophers, theologians, teachers, volunteers, but above all to the testimonies of those who have lived and / or are living the “welcome” offered to them by Italy. Several events (with the title “Narr-Actions of ordinary reception”) will try to document how hospitality is already present in the health system (in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders and Camminare Insieme), in society, in the world of work and school. There is also a walking excursion on the mountain path of migrants who try to reach France from Piedmont and another on the Turin hills.

The Festival will be organized in collaboration with the Migrantes Foundation of the CEI, the Opera Barolo, Torino Spirituality, the Migration Festival, the Risorgimento Museum, the Circle of Readers, the Torino Film Festival, the Cinema Museum, the ASGI, the Interfaith Committee, Reale Foundation and other Turin institutions.

The Festival is sponsored by the City of Turin and supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo and the CRT Foundation.

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Attached is the page of «La Voce E il Tempo» of 18 September 2022 dedicated to the event.

The “path” at the center of the 2022 Hospitality Festival – Diocese of Turin