Model breaks age and beauty stereotypes

This creative woman revolutionized the modeling industry and showed the world the true meaning of beauty. Discover this story.

Model breaks age and beauty stereotypes

Last update: 25 September, 2022

Throughout history, the modeling industry has fueled a plethora of stereotypes. on multiple occasions It has been stated that, for the workers to be part of their projects, they must comply with certain rules. Among these, having exact body measurements and not being too old.

However, several campaigns have broken away from those beliefs. So much so, that they have given the opportunity to models who are already in their third age.

Just as was the case with Rosa Saito. In this article we share all the details of her story. Do you want to meet them? Read to the end.

woman’s life

Setsuko Saito, better known as Pinkto make the pronunciation easier, was born in Araçatuba (São Paulo), in 1951. He was always interested in creativity. In this way, since childhood he devoted himself to singing, drawing and writing.

In addition, she told her parents that she was convinced that, at some point in life, she was going to connect with something beautiful and that would allow her to demonstrate all her abilities.

However, several obstacles caused their priorities to change. When he was only 22 years old, her mother developed an illness that left her bedridden and she had to take care of her. Likewise, in the year 2000 her husband passed away. For this reason, she had to multiply her efforts to bring her 3 children forward.

In any case, he never stopped being aware of the artistic environment. Consequently, whenever she could, she attended events like São Paulo Fashion Week.

This is how he kept in touch with several professionals who are part of that world. So much so, that because of its radiant appearance, some of them encouraged her to venture into an ambitious project.

The moment when Rosa Saito became a model

Although the woman had never thought of entering the modeling industry and, therefore, only went to the parades for pleasure, 2 agency workers and 1 photographer told them it had potential. In that order of ideas, they began to motivate her.

Despite his insistence, she needed to convince herself that this was what she wanted to do. Therefore, she thought about the proposal for a whole year and finally she made the decision to take the risk.

At 68 years old and with white hair, he began his career as a model and began to succeed. This is how she has been participating in multiple prestigious campaigns for 3 years and parading on the most important catwalks in the world.

Also, it has become very popular on Instagram. Today he has more than 45,000 followers and spends a lot of time dedicating them a lot of motivational words.

The messages that the woman has spread

Rosa Saito has used her experience to tell people that beauty is not only limited to the physicalbut it is much deeper. Thoughts and spirituality are also part of it.

In this way, according to the model, kindness and the desire to get ahead are the factors that most allow human beings to look beautiful. Also, the self-love is another component that has a lot to do with it.

Saito has expressed that he is aware that the stereotypes that exist in the modeling industry are very dangerous. In accordance with this idea, he recommends that people interested in entering that world participate in inclusive projects. For her, this is the ideal strategy to promote change and prevent the creation of oppressive standards.

As for the secrets to always look good, she has indicated that what has worked for her is prefer natural over chemical. Because of this, he suggests drinking a lot of tea.

Similarly, include aloe vera, coconut oil, and olive oil in the diet. Are you willing to do it? Let us know your valuable opinion!

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Model breaks age and beauty stereotypes