The editorial of the week of 09/16/2022 with Camille: Euthanasia, Charles III, Armenia, the Christians of Lebanon

The editorial of the week with Camille is a summary of the four key topics that animated the Christian sphere this week.

Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday the launch of a broad citizen consultation on the end of life, with a view to a possible new “legal framework” by the end of 2023. An announcement that comes as for the first time, the National Consultative Ethics Committee said it was in favor of the legalization of euthanasia in France. Immediately, opposition parties in parliament viewed the initiative with skepticism.

Queen Elizabeth II died last week, her son Prince Charles automatically succeeded her and took the name Charles III, his wife Camilla became queen consort.

In his first speech to the nation, Friday, September 9, the new monarch, who by taking over from Elizabeth became the head of the Church of England, spoke in particular of his Christian faith.

Three days after being proclaimed king, he traveled to Belfast in Northern Ireland, a visit presented as historic by the local press. During this stay, the king and the queen consort notably attended a religious service in homage to Elizabeth II in the Sainte-Anne cathedral. A highly symbolic ceremony during which the role of the sovereign in reconciliation in Northern Ireland was evoked.

At least 49 Armenian servicemen were killed on Tuesday in large-scale clashes, the deadliest between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the war in 2020. Armenia denounces “aggression” by Azerbaijan.

[Mise à Jour : Au moins 135 militaires arméniens ont été tués cette semaine. Il y a également de nombreux blessés. Cela porte à plus de 200 le nombre de morts dans les deux camps. Côté azerbaïdjanais, le bilan est à ce jour de 71 militaires tués, selon Bakou, depuis le début des affrontements qui ont éclaté mardi.]

Historically complicated, relations between the two countries continue to be poisoned today by a dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave populated mainly by Armenians.

While the dynamics of this conflict are highly complex, they have strong implications for religious freedom. Armenia being predominantly Christian, while the population of the Republic of Azerbaijan is mainly made up of Shia Muslims.

As often the editorial of the week ends with a bit of culture.

Discover Sunday on Présence Protestante (France 2) the documentary by Virginie Berda “Beirut, the Cross under the ashes”.

For several years now, Lebanon has been facing a series of disasters, which have plunged the country into a spiral of collapse: political crisis, health crisis, economic crisis, explosion of the port of Beirut… In this context, spirituality and faith, however, continue to sparkle. Virginie Berda’s documentary sets out to meet these Protestants of Beirut, who, every day, work to rebuild the country and comfort souls.

It will be broadcast on Sunday on France 2 from 9:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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The editorial of the week of 09/16/2022 with Camille: Euthanasia, Charles III, Armenia, the Christians of Lebanon