Soul, the Disney Pixar film seen by a specialist in dialogue with the soul

Her childhood dream was to be a lawyer. Instead of clinging to it, she followed the call of her soul by leaving everything to move to Bali, the last place she had been happy. Angella Jaber presents herself as “architect of the future” and after a long process of introspection, which led her to the life of her dreams, she offers on her site Pranacanal, this experience to its customers to save them time and allow them to experience prosperity in all areas of their lives. Indeed, in his vision of Life, it is the individual who will change the world, and not the other way around.

Also, it is to Angella that we naturally turned to decipher the messages of SOUL.

The synopsis of Soul, Disney Pixar: Jazz enthusiast and college music teacher, Joe Gardner finally has the opportunity to realize his dream: to play in the best jazz club in New York. But an unfortunate misstep rushes him into the “Great Before” – a fantastical place where new souls acquire their personality, character and uniqueness before being sent to Earth. Determined to get his life back, Joe teams up with 22, a mischievous and witty soul who has never grasped the point of living a human life. Desperately trying to show 22 just how great existence is, Joe may just uncover the answers to some of the most important questions about the meaning of life.

The essential message appreciated

For me SOUL comes to draw our attention to the true meaning of life which is in being, not in doing. Without it being really named as such, we can, in my opinion, draw a parallel with the mission of life.

In his frantic race to become the recognized jazzman he has always wanted to embody, thinking that it is this position that will allow him to find full fulfilment, the main character gradually loses the connection to his existence and to these things that are often trivialized but which are perhaps precisely the very essence of life: pleasure, the present moment, the bond that one creates with others, the permission to be oneself and even that of not having ultimate goal other than knowing how to enjoy life.

At this time when the mission of life is becoming a fashionable subject but unfortunately very often linked only to professional life, or in any case to what we have come to do on Earth, SOUL asks a completely different question: who are we? come to be here?

What if we had to stop looking for something? Stop considering that we necessarily have a single path of realization when we could simply consider that everything that brings joy is always right?

My work shows me that most people have deeply understood that life is difficult and that everything has to be a struggle. I have lost count of the number of people who, upon discovering their life mission, said to me, “Ah, is that it?” with deep disappointment displayed on his face. Because the message they found with their soul was never related to a job or something very complicated, but simply with an inner quality to develop in order to allow themselves to become the best version of themselves.

SOUL is therefore an invitation to let go of the resistance to living that pushes us to attach ourselves to artifices, represented by goals, simply because they give us an opportunity to find a use for ourselves. This in order to experience what it really is to live: simply to be aware of the absolutely marvelous nature of our existence in that it allows us to taste emotions on a daily basis, in ourselves and in the link with others. .

The opening to our soul

If we were only there to occupy a role of representation in society, with no further search for inner fulfillment, would life have any meaning?

Can we really envisage today, and even though life brings us back by all means to the need to meet and understand our place in the world, that we are there for nothing other than to furnish the Earth ?

By witnessing the assessment of this character who becomes aware that he has missed out on his life by running after a form of social recognition, we are called upon to question ourselves on the value on which our own existence is based.

If you died tomorrow, what would your soul say? Would she have the feeling of having been deeply nourished by experiences that enabled her to understand herself, to love and to open up to others, or rather of having led an incarnation in perpetual search for something?

If we were just one personality and one ego, would we sometimes feel this deep soul wave when we are out of place, keep our needs quiet, or persist in allowing our lives to exist? situations that diminish our value?

Would we witness dark nights of the soul, crises of forties or fifties, burnouts, in short, those moments when we can have the impression that the other is lost while in reality he acts that he can no longer continue to lie to himself?

SOUL invites us to consider our life from the angle of a broader choice that is beyond us: that of a soul who comes to learn something there, who comes above all to discover who she is. And already, if we accept this vision, it becomes completely obsolete to doubt its importance, its value or its legitimacy to be since everything finally makes sense.

The graphical representation of souls

I found this childlike and asexual portrayal of the young souls portrayed in Soul touching. This choice comes for me to support learning, self-knowledge, experimentation and the unity between them: they are all similar before knowing the earthly experience, they do not know who they are and their virginity of learning does not allow them to distinguish themselves from each other.

And then when we find these souls at the time of their return to the beyond, they have been able to develop their own character, their energy, their appearance which, beyond being a physical representation, comes above all to testify to their lived and of the fact that each discovered that it was unique, that it existed outside the projection sent back by the other.

Unclear or misrepresented elements

The fact that young souls are assigned a personality before joining the earthly incarnation seemed to me to lack precision, since our personalities are precisely forged by our experiences and learning, allowed by earthly life.

It would have seemed more relevant to me to show these souls choose the main parameters of their future incarnation, and therefore the main learning to achieve there. And speak rather of particular character traits to help the soul in the realization of its mission.

What led you to dialogue with souls? What is your way of doing it?

Even if it is my soul care that has really allowed me to enter into a direct link with the souls of the people I accompany, with hindsight I would say that it has always been part of me but that I had need time to understand it.

When I was younger, I simply saw it as an ability to find and share the right word, to create the click, to perceive situations from a different angle and helping others. To identify the others very quickly.

And then I started to perceive the vibrational differences between what a person can claim to be/say, and the vibration of their soul. If I had to give an image to express this, I would say that I perceive a person as a melody, a vibration. Like any melody it can be very harmonious, but there can be false notes. My particularity is that I perceive this “false”, whether in what the person tells me, in the way they present themselves, in what they say to themselves or if they are not on the way to its full realization.

It is not always comfortable for the other because it is a process of stripping oneself, of accepting to confront certain things that the whole being generally puts a lot of energy into trying to hide, but it allows beautiful rebirths and a new understanding of situations/emotions and blockages.

The messages come to me internally, the fact of having developed my own inner reliance has taught me to create a space of calm within me which leaves plenty of room for this receptivity.

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Soul, the Disney Pixar film seen by a specialist in dialogue with the soul