Romina Carrisi, the tearful confession after so many years: “My parents left us for 3 months for…”

The confession of Romina Carrisi
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Romina Carrisi is today a very loved and appreciated television personality by the general public. Important column of Today is Another Daythe flagship program of Rai 1 weekday afternoons, hosted by the wonderful Serena Bortone, is also very popular on social networks.

In particular, the youngest daughter of Albano and Romina Power, is very active on Instagram where he loves to share moments of his daily life, even outside the TV. And now a post by her, accompanied by photos and videos, wanted to talk, without filters, about a drama which directly involved his family many years ago. The confession you certainly don’t expect…

He is not a person who loves to talk about himself much less about his private that for her it should always and in any case remain. However, the fact that she is famous and constantly on video, as well as the daughter of two living myths, often at the center of media storms, obviously does not help her in this direction. And so she learned to convince us with chatter.

In the last few hours he has wanted to open his heart to the Social to her fans, who are increasingly numerous, telling of a situation that took place way back in 1994, but which she remembers very well as if it happened yesterday. Also because we are talking about something definitely hard and serious which inevitably marked her and her family members.

Left in the mountains without parents

At that time mom and dad, who were still together, suffered like crazy for disappearance surprise of their adored eldest daughter Ylenia who, after having achieved some success in the vast world of entertainment, had begun to travel a lot around the world and to get very close to spirituality. And so they had decided to go looking for her.

Of course they couldn’t take either with them romina neither Cristelrespectively the fourth child and the third child, who were still very young, and so they decided to entrust them to the wise hands of a very dear friend of theirs who lived in Swiss and that he had four girls their age. In the end this choice turned out to be successful because, despite the family dramathe two have a beautiful memory of that period lived so intensely in the mountains.

The confession of Romina Carrisi
Romina Carrisi in a Social video with the companions of her father Yoiubee

The video with the father

A period that lasted 90 days, therefore three months, after which the parents went to get them, with nothing done since, as we know. Ylenia she was no longer found. Romina said that she learned to ski and that she went to class at 7 in the morning. Initially it was hard for her to get used to those new rhythms and the very harsh climatebut then she managed to settle in properly.

Today she returned to that place in the company of her famous father who appeared in a video with her. And to the delight of her most romantics, as well as her boyfriend Stephen Rastelli who also commented, the young woman also gave us in such a generous way splendid photos of the mountain landscape as well as some that portray her from afar with I wear his beloved skis.

Romina Carrisi, the tearful confession after so many years: “My parents left us for 3 months for…” – Youbee Magazine