Avatars triggers depression. And it’s a déjà vu: after the episodes of anguish registered in the people who had seen James Cameron’s first film in theaters in 2009, also Avatar: the water way, just released at the cinema, is eliciting the same reactions. So much that we talk about Pads, or Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome.
A serious thing. But what exactly happens? Let’s find out.

Avatars and depression

There Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome it is a condition that mainly affects young men who see the film about the history of Na’vi, the blue beings who live in symbiosis with nature in the imaginary world of Pandora.

There are no official numbers but it is a large share of people, if we consider that Avatars is the highest grossing film in the history of cinemawith over $2.9 billion.

The psychological state that is induced by the vision of Avatars it is an anguish mixed with sadness. Nothing officially diagnosed from a medical point of view, but rather a ‘social’ syndrome, which however seems to attack indiscriminately people scattered all over the world, regardless of class and origin.

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Post-Avatar Depression, how it started

We began to talk about Pads when comparisons emerged about the personal state of mind of the former’s viewers Avatars in 2009. A site curated by fans of the film (Avatar Forums) hosted a message from a user revealing the great anguish felt after the film.

The reason? The vision of the protagonists, i Na’vivery delicate humanoid creatures who live in deep communion with nature, in an ecosystem of perfect balance that is threatened by man.

Here, it was precisely the comparison between the idyllic world of Pandora and what happens on Earth that determined it depressive statetranslated into a sort of enormous melancholy for men’s inability to live in spiritual connection with nature.

A powerful sentiment, which many other spectators then shared, bringing the phenomenon to the media, which coined the term Pads. There were even those who claimed that after seeing the film he had thought of committing suicide. It was one of the great controversies aroused by Avatars (there was no lack of accusations of racism and storms about the presence of cigarettes in the film).

Avatar 2 and depression

After the cases reported in 2009, avatarian depression has returned to hit viewers, who went en masse to the cinema to see the second installment of the saga from December 14th, by the way registering excellent box office receipts.

Who is faced with the 190 minutes of Avatar: the water way is attacked (not all, of course) by the same form of deep melancholy.

Nothing to do with the sense of impotence and smallness in the face of the magnificence of the film’s scenes, which we have experienced in front of many blockbusters: even Avatars 2 moves something deep down, something that has to do with the movie plot, which continues with the story of Jake and Neytiri and manages to touch our particularly delicate strings. Those of fear of the end of the world.

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How to get out of Post-Avatar Depression

Having said that it is most likely NOT to suffer from depression from Avatars, who goes to see the film and begins to feel a sense of anguish, can put into practice some strategies for getting out.

Since it is not an officially recognized syndrome in the medical field, there are no drugs to take. The “cure” is, if you like, rather intuitive: get out into nature and put into practice the spiritual principles of Na’vi life.

Self Avatars it makes us feel dissatisfaction with our world, the problem is the disconnection with naturean increasingly widespread feeling, even if we are not always aware of it.

This is supported by the Ancient Forest Alliance, an association for the protection of forests, which has analyzed the phenomenon and suggests to spectators in difficulty to go for walks in the woods more often and to devote more energy to environmental protection, also involving the next.

Post-Avatar depression, the colossal film causes anxiety attacks. Why and how to cure