The current scientific paradigm, known as scientific materialism (or simply materialism), incorrectly claims that all phenomena are the result of purely material interactions. This worldview has more or less dominated science and academia for centuries, despite the fact that many of the major precursors of modern science have implicitly or explicitly rejected it. Over the … Read more

The Course of discord, mobility and the return to post

Unfortunately there were many sad news stories in which Lanciano was the protagonist in 2022. But there was also room for a return to post-Covid normalcy, from Holy Week to the September holidays. All with the leitmotif of a broken Corso Trento and Trieste that cannot find peace after the disputed works for the construction … Read more


Avatars triggers depression. And it’s a déjà vu: after the episodes of anguish registered in the people who had seen James Cameron’s first film in theaters in 2009, also Avatar: the water way, just released at the cinema, is eliciting the same reactions. So much that we talk about Pads, or Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome.A serious … Read more

24 libri consigliati dalla redazione del Post

Da qualche anno, quando arriva dicembre, ci spremiamo le meningi per dare qualche idea a chi vuole (o deve, costretto dalle circostanze) fare i regali di Natale. Un regalo di Natale al giorno, ogni giorno per un mese, fino al 24 dicembre. Se questo non fa per voi, ci riproviamo domani. Se anche i prossimi non … Read more

Stefano Bollani, all the colors of a post

Who knows how many, by luck or frequenting Florentine musical undergrounds, remember Sanremo post atomic? Today you open Youtube and you find Stefano Bollani singing «as if» he were Battiato or Vasco Rossi. And everyone laughing. And marveling at how much piano magic can be combined with irreverent irony. It all started at the dawn … Read more

GAiN Europe 2022 Opens with Invitation to Fulfill Mission in a Post

October 21, 2022 | Bucharest, Romania | Marcos Paseggi | Adventist Review and IAD More than 180 communicators in the Seventh-day Adventist Church gathered in Bucharest, Romania, for the 2022 Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) meeting for Europe from 14-18 October 2022. The program titled “Forward: Keep Moving Forward” brought together leaders and communications experts … Read more

Un monde post

Sana Khoury BBC News Arabe il y a 3 heures Crédit photo, METAKAWN Légende image, Le projet MetaCon a lancé une chaîne commerciale numérique non remplaçable, dans le but d’ajouter des versets du Coran à la blockchain. L’annonce par Meta (anciennement Facebook) de son intention de lancer un nouveau projet de monde virtuel appelé “Metaverse” … Read more

I Post Fog in search of spirituality | Rolling Stone Italy

The sound of the wind and the sound of bells. Start like this Entropy Padrepio (Discs Underground / La Tempesta), third rehearsal of Post Nebbia, a Paduan band born from the home recording experiments of the talented Carlo Corbellini, who here writes, arranges, sings, plays bass, moog, keyboards, guitars, and co-produces everything together with Fight … Read more

The Pope asks to abandon “the controversies” after the brake on the mass ‘ad orientem’ and welcome “the beauty” of the post

“Let us abandon polemics to listen together to what the Spirit says to the Church, let us maintain communion, let us continue to be amazed by the beauty of the liturgy”. This is the call of Pope Francis in his apostolic letter ‘Desiderio desideravi’ on the liturgical formation of the People of Godpublished today on … Read more