Perdonanza 2022 and Pope Francis, the historical edition through the eyes of those who told it

Perdonanza 2022, the Pope, Claudio Baglioni, the parade, postcards from Piazza Duomo and Collemaggio. A memorable edition also thanks to those who told it. In the great organizational machine the work, behind the scenes, of the communication staff.

When the Holy Door closes, the bubble returns to ‘home’, the extras undress and the boxes are dismantled, the light on the Forgiveness, the most important historical and religious celebration for L’Aquila.
This year, among the images that tell the conclusion of a memorable edition of the Celestinian Forgiveness, there is also that of the helicopter which, taking off from Piazza d’Armi, drove the Holy Father back to the Vatican. Moments of which there remain photographs, newspaper articles, memories and a lot, a lot communicationwhich started well before the actual artistic and religious program of the 728th Forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is a complex manifestation, which develops on three axes: religious, artistic and institutional. Working within the large organizational machine that fine-tunes every detail of the vast program of the event, our task is to hold together all the components that characterize the Feast of Forgiveness, to achieve a harmonious and effective narrative. A narrative, in fact, that even in the 728 edition, made a unique message to the citizens of L’Aquila and beyond, especially in an important year like this, with the historic visit of Pope Francis.
Sharing with the company was fundamental Church of L’Aquila and the artistic direction, so that the pieces do not overlap and every moment is expressed in its fullness “
he explains Alessia Di Giovacchinojournalist and responsible for the communication of the latest editions of the Perdonanza, in the staff of the mayor Biondi.

An ‘inevitably’ social forgiveness, who knew how to address and tell young people too.
The success and scope of an event, moreover, in 2022 depend above all on the communication that is at the base and behind the event itself.
And just talking about Forgiveness – in the last few years and even before the Unesco recognition in 2019 – the city administration has invested resources so that the event began a new path of valorisation to go far, far beyond the city limits.
“For some years now, communication has been the strategic and operational product of a team of experts and professionals, there is nothing improvised: consider that the amount of work, for those who tell the forgiveness, has increased exponentially. In fact, the social part has been added to the traditional tasks, but above all the need to overcome the local dimension. Today we also have new reference channels: a constantly updated website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, Twitter, lively and rich in content. We try to be present with a twofold objective: increase the feeling of belonging of the people of L’Aquila and stimulate curiosity from all over Italy. The contents of Perdonanza, its protagonists, are exceptional, but it is necessary to have an awareness of tools and crafts to win over the public and trigger curiosity. It takes time, a long time. And programming“.

The communication work that accompanies Forgiveness is never stopped: we start from the organization and from key choices in the context of the message we want to launch, we continue with the logistics and planning, then the 4 weeks of fire start. From presentations and press conferences until the day of Historical paradewith moments of opening and closing of the Holy Door and with the numerous artistic appointments. This year, in addition, too the institution of the reward of forgiveness dedicated to Pope Francis.
A well-established assembly line, which for some years now “Has decided to focus on content”.
Always new and current content, but of course “In the wake of history and tradition, which contribute to launching and consolidating forgiveness and its experience”.
Last but not least, the choice of entrusting the role of the main characters to three young foreigners who have been living in L’Aquila for some yearsin the sign of an integration and a welcoming spirit that have given greater prominence to the meaning that has always reflected and guided Celestinian Forgiveness.

Communication and content, content and communication. “A double track that has led us to where we have arrived in this latest edition that has just ended. Many efforts have been made to convey the history, spirituality and art that Forgiveness brings with it ”.
Among the news mentioned by Alessia Di Giovacchino to our editorial staff there is, for example, “La translation of the parade into English or of the events in Lis. For our territory, accustomed to the efforts of individuals, the Municipality’s descent into the field was innovative with this particular attention to tourism. It took us, but now we are ready ”.
In recent years the presence of foreign tourists in L’Aquila has increased: presence concentrated above all in the month of August. “Now, with the English translation during the parade, along with the language versions of the brochure or site, foreign tourists will be able to easily understand what happens in L’Aquila, bringing with them a more complete and defined memory of the city, its traditions and its history. There is still a lot to do and a lot of creativity to express, but one of the most beautiful feelings that I take home from this Forgiveness is the chorality with which each Aquila, in his own role, has spent energy and feeling for our most important celebration. It is precisely this community of intentions that allows the realization of the dream that each of us cultivates: that Forgiveness is gradually appreciated, known and recognized and with it the commitment of all the people of L’Aquila “.

From the municipal structure, to the Archdiocese, passing through the police, up to the figures, the curators of the parade and historical groups, artists, technicians, volunteers, public institutions, traders, companies: to paraphrase Coelho, everyone “conspired” to make the Forgiveness come true as perfectly as this year.
From TV to social media, from the web to paper newspapers, up to newspapers around the world. And again, beyond the Unesco recognition, arriving at the historic visit of Pope Francis. Forgiveness proves to continue to grow, while at the same time managing to tell about its greatness. And from today we start with a new challenge for capitalize on the gift of Pope Francis.

Perdonanza 2022 and Pope Francis, the historical edition through the eyes of those who told it – Il Capoluogo