Netflix, MyCanal, Disney +… Which films to see with the family during the end of year holidays?

► From 3 years old

Miru Miru **on DVD (Folimage) and on MyCanal Where Benshi
French animated series by Haruna Kishi and Virginie Jallot

In Japanese, it looks like she is kawaii. Cute, adorable, crunchy, Miru Miru certainly is. The little sea otter, set off in spite of herself to discover a corner of the river, upstream from her natural habitat, becomes familiar with otherness, friendship, even fraternity. In short, everything that constitutes the social life of a toddler who will enjoy these simple stories combining lively animation and pastel colors. Five minutes of sweet poetry that conclude with a haikuthree verses of childish wisdom.

Ernest and Celestine, the *** collection, on Benshi
French animated series by Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe Roger

While released in mid-December in theaters Ernest and Célestine, the trip to Charabïeexcellent second feature film adapted from the adventures of Ernest and Celestine, it is good to see or see again the 26 episode series on the little nothings of the daily life of an odd couple. All done by the same team as The trip to Charabiawhich has already attracted more than 200,000 spectators.

► From 6 years old

Abominable ***, Saturday December 31 at 4.30 p.m. on France 4 and on
American animated film by Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman

A pretext for a trip through China, this animated film does not shine by the originality of its screenplay, despite the sincerity of the subject: an initiatory story uniting the destiny of a bereaved child and that of a young fantastic animal. . But it amazes with its formal outbursts. Endowed with the power to animate nature, the colossal yeti, which has nothing abominable about it, is suddenly able to surf on a flowery plain as on a liquid wave…

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My Father’s Dragon **on netflix
Franco-Irish animated film by Nora Twomey

Adapted from a best-selling children’s book, this old-fashioned cartoon shines more for its colorful and abundant scenery and its lively and fluid animation than for its wobbly and lame script, which tells the initiatory quest for a young child confronted with a world in perdition and paralyzed by fear of the future.

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► From 7 years old

The Wolf People ***, on MyCanal
Irish animated film by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, 1:43

After Brendan and the Secret of Kells and The Song of the Seacame out last year The Wolf People, the last part of a triptych by Tomm Moore on the folkloric and religious tradition of his country, Ireland. This new marvel is coupled with a strong historical, political and spiritual dimension.

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► From 8 years old

Avalonia **, on Disney+
American animated film by Don Hall and Qui Nguyen

It’s the end of abundance in Avalonia, Disney’s Christmas private theatrical release and green energy that fuels the fantasy world portrayed by this visually stunning animated film. Despite an overly marked framework, the scenario ofAvalonia is mischievous enough to raise awareness without hammering too much its message in favor of respect for the environment.

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► From 9 years old

Pinocchio *on Disney +
Hybrid American film by Robert Zemeckis

Undoubtedly paralyzed by the challenge of equaling the Pinocchio of 1940, the director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? hardly renews the approach of the masterpiece of the Disney studios by mixing animation and real shooting. The wooden puppet gains a dimension, from 2D to 3D, but loses its touching clumsiness. Might as well watch the original classic, and that’s good, it’s also available on the same platform…

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► From 10 years old

Pinocchio **, on netflix
Animated film by Guillermo del Toro

Announced as the event of this end of the year by Netflix, the adaptation of the famous tale of Carlo Collodi by Guillermo del Toro does not disappoint, without however completely convincing.

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Netflix, MyCanal, Disney +… Which films to see with the family during the end of year holidays?