LetterAltura returns to Lake Maggiore. Enzo Bianchi, Gioele Dix, Fabrizio Gatti among the guests

At 2.30 pm Walking in the shoes of others, with Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart, Petra Mezzetti and Felice Di Lernia: the three-part meeting takes its cue from the books of the diplomat Brülhart, Shoes diem, and from that of the anthropologist Di Lernia, Yet the wind still blows. A rhapsodic anthropology (Bordeaux). At 3.45 pm second appointment in collaboration with the CAI: Silvia Metzeltin and Linda Cottino will meet the public in a dialogue that will start from their latest book published by CAI Alpinism is a whole world with which they guide the reader into the universe of mountaineering made up of exploits, achievements and renunciations, but also of friendships, encounters and reflections.

The deputy editor-in-chief of Radio Radicale Roberto Spagnoli he will return to LetterAltura to present his latest volume Antiprohibitionist sermons, published by Officina di Hank: at 5 pm the author will talk about it inside Villa Giulia, tracing the centenary history of drugs and our relationship with prohibition. At 6.15 pm he will take the stage of the Festival Fabrizio Gatti to introduce Bilal. My journey as an infiltrator to Europe (La Nave di Teseo): the journalist of L’Espresso for four years pretended to be an illegal migrant and collected in this book (which will soon become a TV series for Sky) the drama of who he sets out to conquer a better life, in short, the greatest human adventure of the third millennium.

At 9.15 pm the expected show – admission € 15 (active presale here) – In our time… of Joel Dix at the Teatro Il Maggiore in Verbania: with his versatility Gioele Dix offers a sort of lectio magistralis characterized by irony and humor, managing to bring the Old Testament and the ancient Greeks together, Wislawa Szymborska and Giorgio Manganelli, Karl Valentin and the greats of American Jewish literature. The leitmotif, which is originally extremely personal, – a reflection on advanced age and aging – soon takes a turn of great historical breadth, not without moments of great fun … A special evening dedicated, with passion and irony, to all women and men who have no intention of growing old.

The last day of the Festival, Sunday 25 Septemberfrom 10 to 12 LetterAltura gets back on the road, in collaboration with the Psychologists Association of the VCO, with a ring route departing (and arriving) from Villa Giulia, touching Villa Taranto and Villa San Remigio, for a Freudian walk driven by Francesco Marchioro, essayist, historian and expert in psychoanalysis; starting point will also be his book The Freud Walk. Walk, remember, dream (Weger).

At 11.15 at Villa Giulia in the meeting with the eloquent title “Mens sana in corpore sano. Body care in the Greek and Latin classics ” Cristina Dell’Acqua presents his A spa for the soul. How to take care of life with Greek and Latin classics (Mondadori).
At 2.30 pm meeting with Anna Fleming, writer and climber, who will present her On the rock at the Festival. My mountain from wall to wall (Solferino): to the sports story of the successes, dangers, difficulties and accidents that are part of the experience of every climber, the author adds an all-female feeling that brings inside the revolution represented by women, in a world traditionally declined in the male.

At 3.45 pm Mario Casella, journalist and mountain guide, will present his very recent Without Shoes (Cappelli) to the Festival audience, a biographical novel made up of loneliness and poverty, but which also documents an anomalous and exceptional life in Ticino in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. At 5 pm the sociologist and anthropologist will be hosted David Le Breton with Life on foot. A practice of happiness (Raffaello Cortina publisher), a tribute to the walker and the benefits of the journey, against the fatigue of living in an increasingly technological world.

Also confirmed in the sixteenth edition of the Festival the collaboration with the Order of Architects and Town Planners – Novara and VCO: at 6.15 pm Villa Giulia will be the setting for a meeting with the Architect Cino Zucchi, entitled The Theory of the Shower at Camping – In praise of a just-out-of-time architecture: thinking about a just-out-of-time architecture also means reflecting on the long duration, on the plasticity of the existing environments, on the regeneration of cities, on reuse, on the life cycles of artifacts. Villa Giulia will also host a temporary exhibition featuring some of the most significant projects by the architect’s Milanese studio.

At 9 pm the Lake Maggiore LetterAltura 2022 Festival will close, at the Foyer of the Teatro Il Maggiore, one of the most anticipated guests, Enzo Bianchi: Christian monk, journalist and essayist, the founder of the monastic community of Bose will lead the public on a personal journey on the theme of the journey and spirituality. I walk to reach distant destinations, to travel here and there or to rediscover myself, in a journey that has no end.

LetterAltura returns to Lake Maggiore. Enzo Bianchi, Gioele Dix, Fabrizio Gatti among the guests – LegnanoNews