“In the light of my bubble”, Magali Lucie’s first album

Aube classical singer Magali Lucie released her first album in February, entitled “Au clair de ma bulle”. A compendium of talent and sensitive texts. Poetic.

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Melanie LESOIF

Lhe Aube singer Magali Lucie, known for her concerts in churches or at the cathedral, especially during the Art and Spirituality festival, is releasing her first album. Entitled “In the light of my bubble”. Her disc, made up of thirteen songs that she composed, will be on sale in February.

Passionate about classical music, lyrical singing and songs with texts by Brassens, Vian, Ferrat and Serge Utgé-Royo, the Auboise has brought together in this first album, written during confinement, all of her somewhat whimsical universe, mixed with poetry. , opera, refrains and acoustic instruments, poetry and sensitivity. The texts are deep, the voice clear. Light soprano for carefully chosen words.

An air of Anne Sylvestre

“I know that my style is difficult to describe, that I offer songs that we are not used to hearing”laughs the singer, who defines herself as an eternal dreamer.

A little modest too. When asked questions about her universe, her album, her life, she readily answers by quoting Jean-Eudes Masy, pianist and arranger, Clément Plet on double bass, Anne-Lise Durantel (additional at the Paris Opera) on the violin, Thibaud Leroy on the horn, Pierre Sacchetti and Jean-Noël Verdalle-Cazes on the clarinets, Mathilde Radelet on the cello, Nicolas Monin on the euphonium, the tenor on the tubas. Louise, Ninon, Maëlisse and Natalia, the children and Danièle Dubois for the backing vocals. She specifies that we will hear celesta in her album. This little instrument with crystal clear sound. “As for my life, my inspirations, I prefer to share them in song”smiles the one that her relatives often compare to Anne Sylvestre or Barbara.

National release of his album on December 23 on digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer). Official release of the CD in stores, via the French distributor “Inouïe Distribution”, on February 3, 2023.

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“In the light of my bubble”, Magali Lucie’s first album