How to access 225 different categories of movies ordered by genre with these codes on Netflix

16.06.2023 – 09:52 a.m. Updated 06.16.2023 – 09:55h

Are you tired of searching and not knowing what to watch on Netflix? This platform has a catalog of 2,088 series and 5,306 films in Spain, so you have no excuse for not finding something you like. So that you don’t keep wasting time searching for content, Netflix offers some hidden codes that organize all the movies and series into categories and subcategories. In this information you can find each and every one of the Netflix codes to access the categories that the platform has.

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Information content:

How to enter the codes

To organize the thousands of movies and series that Netflix has, all you have to do is enter the relevant codes in the search box. If you are in the app, all you have to do is write the code in the search engine. If you do it from the browser, once you have entered your Netflix account, you will have to enter this URL: After the slash, you just have to put the code you want.

If you don’t have a Netflix account because its price seems too expensive to pay, here we tell you how to share a Netflix account with friends to share the costs.

Adult movies (Code: 11781)

Anime for adults (Code: 11881)
Gay and lesbian comedies (Code: 7120)
Gay and lesbian documentaries (Code: 4720)
Gay and lesbian dramas (Code: 500)
Dramas for gays and lesbians (Code: 500)
Gay and lesbian movies (Code: 5977)
Foreign gay and lesbian films (Code: 8243)
Foreign gay and lesbian films (Code: 8243)
Hot romantic movies (Code: 35800)
Romantic gay and lesbian movies (Code: 3329)
TV programs for gays and lesbians (Code: 65263)
Erotic thriller (Code: 972)

Movies for children and families (Code: 783)

Films from 0 to 2 years (Code: 6796)
Films from 2 to 4 years old (Code: 6218)
Movies for children from 5 to 7 years old (Code: 5455)
Movies for children from 8 to 10 years old (Code: 561)
Movies for children from 11 to 12 years old (Code: 6962)
Classic war cinema (Code: 48744)
Silent cinema (Code: 53310)
Film noir (Code: 7687)
Science fiction and fantasy classics (Code: 47147)
Western Classics (Code: 47465)
Comedies (Code: 6548)
Classic comedies (Code: 31694)
Comedies of humor (Code: 10256)
Comedies of humor (Code: 11559)
Comedies of humor (Code: 9702)
Sports Comedies (Code: 5286)
Foreign comedies (Code: 4426)
Comedy nights (Code: 1402)
Dark comedies (Code: 869)
Comedies for teenagers (Code: 3519)
Political Comedies (Code: 2700)
Animal Tales (Code: 5507)
Cartoons for television (Code: 11177)
Disney (Code: 67673)
Mock Documentaries (Code: 26)
Classic dramas (Code: 29809)
Education for children (Code: 10659)
Music for children (Code: 52843)
Films based on children’s books (Code: 10056)
Classic movies (Code: 31574)
Classic suspense movies (Code: 46588)
Foreign classic movies (Code: 32473)
Family movies (Code: 51056)
Epic Movies (Code: 52858)
Satires (Code: 4922)
Children’s television (Code: 27346)

Romantic movies (Code: 8883)

Romantic comedies (Code: 5475)
Romantic comedies (Code: 5475)
Romantic dramas (Code: 1255)
Romantic foreign films (Code: 7153)
Romantic foreign films (Code: 7153)
Classic romantic movies (Code: 31273)
Independent romantic films (Code: 9916)
Independent romantic films (Code: 9916)
Extravagant Romantics (Code: 36103)
Favorite romantics (Code: 502675)

Cult movies (Code: 7627)

Cult science fiction and fantasy (Code: 4734)
Cult Comedies (Code: 9434)
Documentaries (Code: 6839)
Biographical documentaries (Code: 3652)
Music documentaries and concerts (Code: 90361)
Travel and adventure documentaries (Code: 1159)
Sports documentaries (Code: 180)
Foreign documentaries (Code: 5161)
Historical documentaries (Code: 5349)
Military documentaries (Code: 4006)
Police documentaries (Code: 9875)
Political documentaries (Code: 7018)
Religious documentaries (Code: 10005)
Documentaries on science and nature (Code: 2595)
Social and cultural documentaries (Code: 3675)
Dramas (Code: 5763)
Dramas based on real life (Code: 3653)
Dramas based on books (Code: 4961)
Biographical dramas (Code: 3179)
Classic dramas (Code: 29809)
Social dramas (Code: 3947)
Show business dramas (Code: 5012)
Sports dramas (Code: 7243)
Foreign Dramas (Code: 2150)
Independent dramas (Code: 384)
Court dramas (Code: 528582748)
Tear-Dramas (Code: 6384)
Military dramas (Code: 11)
Teen Dramas (Code: 9299)
Police dramas (Code: 6889)
Political dramas (Code: 6616)
Romantic dramas (Code: 1255)
Period works (Code: 12123)
Humor movies (Code: 1252)
Cult horror movies (Code: 10944)
Horror movies series B (Code: 8195)

Action and adventure (Code: 1365)

Classic action and adventure (Code: 46576)
Criminal action and adventure (Code: 9584)
Action and spy adventure (Code: 10702)
Action and adventure abroad (Code: 11828)
Military action and adventure (Code: 2125)
Action and suspense (Code: 43048)
Anime (Code: 7424)
Anime Action (Code: 2653)
Science Fiction Anime (Code: 2729)
Horror anime (Code: 10695)
Anime Fantasy (Code: 11146)
Martial arts, boxing and wrestling (Code: 6695)
Adventures (Code: 7442)
Science Fiction and Fantasy (Code: 1372)
Science and Nature (Code: 52780)
Action comedies (Code: 43040)
Anime Comedies (Code: 9302)
TV Comedies (Code: 10375)
Sports Comedies (Code: 5286)
Sports and Fitness (Code: 9327)
TV documentaries (Code: 10105)
Sports documentaries (Code: 180)
Anime Dramas (Code: 452)
Sports dramas (Code: 7243)
Miniseries (Code: 4814)
Mysteries (Code: 9994)
Foreign thrillers (Code: 10306)
Action movies (Code: 43048)
Asian action movies (Code: 77232)
Anime Movies (Code: 3063)
Martial arts movies (Code: 8985)
Basketball movies (Code: 12762)
Boxing movies (Code: 12443)
Baseball Movies (Code: 12339)
Comics and superhero movies (Code: 10118)
Sports movies (Code: 4370)
Spy movies (Code: 9147)
Soccer movies (Code: 12549)
Soccer movies (Code: 12803)
Gangster movies (Code: 31851)
Thriller movies (Code: 10499)
Thriller movies (Code: 8933)
Classic thrillers (Code: 46588)
Independent thrillers (Code: 3269)
Cult programs (Code: 74652)
TV Shows (Code: 83)
British television programs (Code: 52117)
Classic television programs (Code: 46553)
Korean TV shows (Code: 67879)
Crime television shows (Code: 26146)
TV programs for teenagers (Code: 60951)
Military programs (Code: 25804)
Reality TV (Code: 9833)
Anime series (Code: 6721)
Political Thriller (Code: 10504)
Supernatural Suspense (Code: 11140)
Food and travel television (Code: 72436)
Children’s television (Code: 27346)
Horror on TV (Code: 83059)
Psychological thriller (Code: 5505)
TV Action and Adventure (Code: 10673)
TV Dramas (Code: 11714)
TV Mysteries (Code: 4366)
Westerns (Code: 7700)

Science Fiction and Fantasy (Code: 1492)

Action, science fiction and fantasy (Code: 1568)
Science Fiction Adventure (Code: 6926)
Alien Science Fiction (Code: 3327)
Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy (Code: 47147)
Cult science fiction and fantasy (Code: 4734)
Alien Science Fiction and Fantasy (Code: 6485)
Science fiction dramas (Code: 3916)
Science fiction movies (Code: 11014)
Science fiction and suspense movies (Code: 11014)
Fantasy movies (Code: 9744)
Science Fiction Horror Movies (Code: 1694)

Faith and spirituality (Code: 26835)

Action and adventure abroad (Code: 11828)
Independent action and adventure (Code: 11804)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Abroad (Code: 6485)
Horror comedy (Code: 89585)
Foreign comedies (Code: 4426)
Independent sitcoms (Code: 4195)
Spiritual documentaries (Code: 2760)
Foreign documentaries (Code: 5161)
Foreign Dramas (Code: 2150)
Independent Dramas (Code: 384)
Faith and spirituality for children (Code: 751423)
Screaming adolescents (Code: 52147)
Satanic Stories (Code: 6998)
Werewolves (Code: 75930)
African films (Code: 3761)
German movies (Code: 58886)
Australian Films (Code: 5230)
Belgian Films (Code: 262)
British films (Code: 10757)
Chinese Movies (Code: 3960)
Foreign classic movies (Code: 32473)
Korean Movies (Code: 5685)
Art films (Code: 29764)
Creature Movies (Code: 6895)
Eastern European Films (Code: 5254)
Faith and spirituality films (Code: 52804)
Monster Movies (Code: 947)
New Zealand Films (Code: 63782)
Middle Eastern Movies (Code: 5875)
Horror movies (Code: 8711)
Horror movies B (Code: 8195)
Horror movies with vampires (Code: 75804)
Cult horror movies (Code: 10944)
Zombie horror movies (Code: 75405)
Horror movies on the high seas (Code: 45028)
Foreign horror movies (Code: 8654)
Supernatural horror movies (Code: 42023)
Horror movies and serial killers (Code: 8646)
Southeast Asian movies (Code: 9196)
Scandinavian films (Code: 9292)
Spanish movies (Code: 58741)
Experimental films (Code: 11079)
Foreign films (Code: 7462)
Foreign thrillers (Code: 10306)
Foreign horror movies (Code: 8654)
French movies (Code: 58807)
Greek movies (Code: 61115)
Dutch movies (Code: 10606)
Independent films (Code: 7077)
Independent thriller films (Code: 3269)
Indian Movies (Code: 10463)
Irish Movies (Code: 58750)
Italian movies (Code: 8221)
Japanese Movies (Code: 10398)
Latin American movies (Code: 1613)
Russian (Code: 11567)

Music (Code: 1701)

World music concerts (Code: 2856)
Urban music and dance concerts (Code: 9472)
Rock and pop concerts (Code: 3278)
Country & Western/Folk (Code: 1105)
Jazz and light music (Code: 10271)
Musicals (Code: 13335)
Classical musicals (Code: 32392)
Theater musicals (Code: 55774)
Show business musicals (Code: 13573)
Disney Musicals (Code: 59433)
Children’s music (Code: 52843)
Latin music (Code: 10741)

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How to access 225 different categories of movies ordered by genre with these codes on Netflix