How to access 225 different categories of movies ordered by genre with these codes on Netflix

16.06.2023 – 09:52 a.m. Updated 06.16.2023 – 09:55h casacochecurro » Leisure – Technology » Internet » How to access 225 different categories of movies ordered by genre with these codes on Netflix Are you tired of searching and not knowing what to watch on Netflix? This platform has a catalog of 2,088 series and 5,306 … Read more

Burkina/Health: Advocacy for better access to palliative care

The Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, Dr Robert Kargougou, chaired the opening of an advocacy meeting for regional health directors and general directors of hospitals on strengthening the supply palliative care in hospitals. It was this Friday, November 11, 2022 at the Charles de Gaulle pediatric university hospital. According to the World Health Organization, … Read more

The secret codes to access the hidden categories of Netflix

Have you ever thought that there is nothing new to watch on Netflix? platform streaming It has a wide variety of content that is sometimes not used one hundred percent because it is not known how to access it, since the interface of the application and the website usually prioritize the visibility of the most … Read more

Saint Peter’s Basilica refuses to be a “great museum”: access only for the faithful and more liturgies

Europe loses believers at a forced march and the churches run the risk to become showrooms, clothing stores or nightclubs. Concerned about this desacralizing drift, those in charge of the Basilica of Saint Peter they are taking steps to revive the atmosphere of prayer in the heart of Christendom. This is stated in an interview … Read more

Madonna del Monte: the Municipality wants to redevelop the wood, but the access is owned by the friars

The farewell of the Franciscan friars to the convent of Nostra Signora del Monte, after 578 years, struck the Genoese community, which has been linked for centuries to the imposing structure on the heights of San Fruttuoso. It was the friars themselves who made the announcement, at the basis of the decision organizational problems, linked … Read more

Netflix: here are the secret codes to access the “hidden” catalogs

To all subscribers of netflix, you risk, in the coming days, not knowing what to watch or binge-watcher either as a film or as a series. As we know, the platform offers thousands of titles. And even when we search for 5 minutes “something new, that changes a bit”in vain… we always end up falling … Read more

Pietrasanta, the new Access Gallery exhibition is all about sculpture: The Sculpture Show

by Editorial staff, written on 02/07/2022, 10:11:23 Categories: Exhibitions / Topics: Contemporary Art – Sculpture The Access Galleria summer 2022 exhibition in Pietrasanta is entirely dedicated to sculpture: it is entitled ‘The Sculpture Show’ and exhibits works by Peter Simon Mühlhäußer, Alex Rane, Kelly Robert and Bruno Walpoth. The exhibition that the Access to … Read more

Paule Amblard: “The feminine, privileged access to transcendence”

Women despised, exploited, raped, beaten, how many cases are coming out today on the horror reserved for sisters, daughters, mothers! It is beneficial for the victims to be heard, for their testimonies to serve those who follow and protect them from the same outrages. Our society, which is supposed to be progressive, egalitarian, regardless of … Read more