El Niño Prodigio: Horoscope for November 15


And that my beautiful people! Happy and blessed Tuesday! I tell you that today the Moon will make an opposition to Saturn, so it will cost us a bit to be spontaneous and we will have to make an effort to adapt to social guidelines. On the other hand, there will be a wonderful trine between Mercury and Jupiter in water signs, so we will do very significant learning and develop greater emotional intelligence. Try to learn more about psychology, spirituality and self-help to develop a deeper look and illuminate your dark areas.


If today, November 15, you have a birthday…

During this cycle you will acquire land or your own home or you will develop a professional venture in your home. Thanks to your perseverance you will meet all the expectations that your relatives had placed on you. Do not load yourself with many responsibilities!

The Lucky Cup: 9, 26, 48, 64, 75, 93

Aries: You will dedicate yourself to your favorite hobby or pastime and you will practice outdoor activities that will renew your spirits. It will be an ideal time to share moments with your children and give them the support they need. If someone gives you constructive criticism, don’t dismiss it.

Taurus: There are possibilities that you carry out reforms for the organization of work at home or a family business. You will feel the desire to stay longer with those you love the most and to strengthen emotional ties. Allow your loved ones to pamper you.

Gemini: You will feel the desire to learn new things and you will think about the option of enrolling in a course. But you must be respectful and listen humbly to the one who knows more. Think carefully about everything you say because every word that comes out of your mouth will be taken into account.

Cancer: It will be a good time to plan the economic course and save for the medium term. It is also possible that you finalize the purchase of goods, but you must be careful not to fall into waste. Take some time to review any business proposals you receive.

Leo: The Moon transits Leo exalting your charisma and your natural gifts for which you will cause a great impact. Your partner, your friends and people in general will be committed to you. You will say goodbye to the sycophants and surround yourself with serious people.

Virgo: You will have to take on some extra loads and responsibilities and, on some occasions, you will feel low on energy, as if you were carrying a weight on your shoulders, so you will need some moments of solitude and reflection to connect with your inner world and recharge your batteries.

Pound: Do not despair if you feel that you are at a standstill in your projects because this means that you need to stop to direct your energies in a new direction. Only friends with whom you share real interests will stay by your side.

Scorpio: Today I suggest that you conduct yourself in an exemplary manner because nothing you do will go unnoticed. Work to achieve greater prestige, as interesting promotion opportunities will arise. A family member will be willing to sacrifice so that you can achieve your goals.

Sagittarius: In legal matters or in immigration procedures, you could encounter some obstacles. If you are thinking of settling abroad, you should have your papers in order to avoid setbacks. Seek advice from an experienced professional.

Capricorn: In the economic sphere, problems may arise in the separation of assets, companies, inheritances or successions. It will be up to you to act fairly and stand firm in your position so that opportunists do not take advantage. Drive with total reserve.


Aquarium: The opposite moon predisposes you to dialogue to rebuild a bond that you thought was lost, but it will be important that you move tactfully so as not to hurt the pride of others. If you are single, look around you because someone will be interested in you.

Pisces: You will receive interesting job proposals and you will have the possibility of accessing a position of greater recognition, but it will be convenient for you to be reserved until you feel completely suitable in your new functions. Avoid any attitude that could arouse suspicion or distrust.

El Niño Prodigio: Horoscope for November 15