CinemAmbiente 2022, all the winners and prize

The Environmental Film Festival ended Sunday 12 June, with the awards ceremony of the winning films of the 25th edition.
The CinemAmbiente Festival represents the ecological vocation of the National Cinema Museum and confirms its fundamental attitude with meetings, films and awards: to be a point of reference for any thought, idea, proposal, complaint that addresses environmental issues through cinema. – underline the president of the National Cinema Museum Enzo Ghigo and the director Domenico De Gaetano The balance of this 25th edition, which opened with the spectacular cine-musical project by Marlene Kuntz in the Mole Antonelliana, is also very positive. Compared to when the Festival was born, we are in the midst of an ecological transition that will have broad repercussions on society, the economy and culture, all signs that CinemAmbiente interprets and will always interpret in a timely and innovative way.“.

I am very satisfied with this edition which marked a real return to cinema “in presence”»Said the director of the Festival Gaetano Capizzi. “And, what interests us most, our event once again proved to be an effective catalyst: it had important guests – Italian and foreign – able to intervene in an original way in the general debate on the state of the Planet, it attracted other artistic forms. , has actively involved various European projects, confirming itself as a unique event in the panorama of Italian environmental culture“.

THE winning films and the others titles proposed in this year’s billboard are visible online for free through the Festival website, www.festivalcinemambiente.ituntil the June 21ston the OpenDDB platform (capacity of 500 accesses for each title).

THE awards attributed to the term of the 25th edition of the Festival I am:

Asja.Energy Award for the best documentary ($ 5000), awarded by the jury composed of Werner Boote, director, Suzanne Crocker, director, Sonia Filippazzi, journalist, Beppe Rovera, journalist, Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, director, to:

Carbon The Unauthorized Biography by Daniella Ortega & Niobe Thompson (Australia, Canada, France 2021, 89 ‘)

with the following motivation:

A difficult subject made understandable to all: carbon tells about itself, leading the viewer to discover an element at the basis of life but which today also risks provoking its end. Science but also poetry and creativity come together in multiple narrative languages, without neglecting the lightness of humor, to make visible what is invisible.

The jury also awarded one special mention to the film: Pleistocene Park by Luke Griswold-Tergis (USA 2022, 101 ‘)

with the following motivation:

The stubborn determination of a scientist who – alone with his son – tries to reproduce the conditions of the Pleistocene in a remote area of ​​Siberia to counter the melting of the permafrost. What appears to be visionary madness ends up conquering the viewer as something possible and indeed necessary for the common interest in the face of the dramatic effects of climate change.

Terna Award for the best short film ($ 1500), awarded by the jury composed of Cristina Gabetti, journalist, Marlene Kuntz, musicians, Claudia Praolini, artistic director of Concorto Film Festival, to:

Haulout by Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaev (United Kingdom, Russian Federation 2021, 25 ‘) with the following motivation:

We appreciated the narrative dimension capable of destabilizing the gaze, of leaving the images witnessing the events, without the interpretative mediation of the word. There is amazement, there is poetry, there is a political outlook. Opening towards the immanence of an animal world that forces us to become aware of the catastrophic effects imposed by climate change. Research and experimentation combined with an amazing technical achievement.

The jury also awarded one special mention to the film:

Bolo Raz Jedno More… (Once There was a Sea…) by Joanna Kozuch (Slovakia, Poland 2021, 16 ‘) with the following motivation:
For the realization of the magnificent images with which he told the story of a catastrophic environmental and social transformation, that of the Aral Sea. The disappearance of the ancient sea is intertwined with the lives of women and men who prospered on those shores, lost everything, and who

today they inhabit its imaginary shores, in a dusty and surreal atmosphere. The graphic style is in the incisive and light at the same time.

IREN audience award ($ 1500), awarded by Festival spectators to: Going Circular by Nigel Walk and Richard Dale (Netherlands 2021, 90 ‘)

“Environment and Society” Awardestablished by Arcobaleno Social Cooperativefor the film, which best knew how to combine environmental issues and the social dimension, assigned by the workers of the Cooperative to:

Chemical Bros. by Massimiliano Mazzotta (Italy 2022, 74 ‘)

with the following motivation:

A denouncing documentary film that sends a strong message to the world, through a journey that gives it Sardinia, passing through the Veneto region, arrives in Great Britain and focuses on a theme always current: countering an economy based on the unbridled production of objects of common use, which puts economic interests above the well-being of the community and of the environment. An uncomfortable documentary, to solicit awareness and implement collective action to counter the drifts that affect all in terms of irreversible loss of the environment and health.

A turnaround is required. After all, we are made of chemistry, but of natural chemistry.

“Casacomune” Awardestablished by Festival and from Casacomune, School and Actionsfor the film or the author who was best able to reflect themes related to spirituality understood as a dimension closely linked to nature to which we belong, assigned to:

Suzanne Crockerdirector of the film First We Eat

The awards to personalities from the world of cinema and other arts and disciplines awarded in the 25th edition of the Festival are:

“Stella della Mole” Awardestablished by National Cinema Museum and from Festivalfor an artist who through the language of cinema declines themes related to the environment and nature in his work, assigned to Franco Piavoli.

“From the Earth to the Earth” Awardpowered by Biorepackof € 3000, for the figure or film that best illustrates the problems related to the soil, its protection from pollution and climate change, and sustainable food production, awarded to Vandana Shiva.

“Green Ciak” Awardestablished by Festival and from Legambientefor a figure from the world of Italian cinema and entertainment committed to defending the environment who makes his image and communication skills available to raise public awareness of the gravity of the current climate crisis, assigned to Alessandro Gassmann.

“La Ghianda” Literary Prizeestablished by Festivalfor an author or an author who in the course of her artistic career has expressed a deep and personal relationship with the environment, landscape and nature, assigned to Antonella Anedda.

CinemAmbiente 2022, all the winners and prize-winners of the 25th edition