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Rita Amabili-Rivet podcasts

Theologian, writer, lecturer and contributor to our newspaper, Rita Amabili-Rivet has launched a series of four podcasts entitled “Et Dieu (e) aima la femme”which are disseminated every Friday of June on the author’s website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel.

In these podcasts Rita Amabili-Rivet talks and questions herself about the place of women in spirituality and, in a broader sense, in today’s society as well as in the past.

Inspired by the actions and efforts of the protagonists of his three historical novels “Saffia femme de Smyrne”, “Marguerite, prophète” And “The lingère d’Acquaviva “of which the Italian version also exists, the author invites reflection thanks to discussions with people from different cultural backgrounds: Sylvie Brousseau, manager of editorial projects and editor, Yousra Benhniaradio animator oriented towards intercultural relations e Francesco Espositoin charge of the ICFF in Montreal, the Festival of contemporary Italian film, in order to discuss the evolution of women in society by analyzing the historical, social, religious and spiritual aspects of her works.

Rita Amabili-Rivet has also written three letters addressed to her three heroines Saffia, Marguerite and Benedetta, a mechanism that allows her to better explain the creative process behind each novel and which complete the podcast series.

“The idea – explains the author – came because the Covid pandemic did a lot of harm to us writers, but not only. For this the promotion agency PURCOM proposed me to create podcasts, a real novelty for me, which would allow me to resume my novels and re-propose them in a different perspective, more of reflection and deepening of some issues for me fundamentals: Christianity, feminism, faith.

In a world that is suffering and that is going badly, I believe that a little faith can help you live better. For me, faith is not a request on command: I want something, I pray and I get it the next day. I have been praying for so many years and yet I have never won the trip of my life! This is why I thought it was important to deepen the meaning of faith, to deepen the spiritual part present in every human being. It is not a question of having more materially but of having more spiritually.

Furthermore – adds the author – the Church has always been very closed to the role of women in religion. Through my female characters I tried to highlight their role in the society in which they lived, still too obscure in the eyes of the people, so that their place was recognized and so that they could “welcome” God in the same way as men .

It is important for people to know that they are loved by God, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are women, men, homosexuals or lesbians. For this the title of the podcasts is: “Et Dieu (e) aima la femme”which we could translate into “And God (a) loved the woman. One day it was decided that God is male. But basically God is neither male nor female (“God”), he has no sexuality, he is an entity that is independent of sex and that as such loves and can be loved by all the creatures of the world ».

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