C to you: Anne

Gad Elmaleh was invited on the set of C to you this Wednesday, November 9. But while the comedian was talking about his conversion to Catholicism, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine tried a sporting metaphor that surprised her guests a lot.

On November 16, Gad Elmaleh will be back in theaters with Stay a bitan autobiographical film in which he recounts his journey to the Catholic Church and baptism. Indeed, born into a Berber Jewish family, the comedian had a “thunderbolt“for the Virgin Mary, as he revealed in an interview with Le Figaro. This is how he decided to convert to Catholicism.

And this Wednesday, November 9, Gad Elmaleh was invited on the set of It’s up to you to discuss the film and its conversion. For the occasion, the actor was accompanied by his sister, Judith Elmaleh. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine also wanted to ask the latter how she reacted when her brother told her that he wanted to convert. “Didn’t you see this funny midlife crisis coming?“, asked the host of France 5. “I would have preferred something where we have the codes, where I would have known how to react. And there, as often with me brother, he feigns us. He goes where you least expect him”replied the 53-year-old author.

Gad Elmaleh: “Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine offers a metaphor for ovality”

Words that inspired Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who wanted to try a sports metaphor. “He made an overflow framing as we say in rugby”, she launched. An expression that greatly surprised the brother and sister. “A what ?!”exclaimed Gad Elmaleh, provoking the laughter of the host who provided some details to explain his remarks: “An overflow frame. It’s when an opponent is waiting for you somewhere and you fake it.”. “My sister is explaining a spiritual quest and Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine offers a metaphor for the oval”, reacted with humor Gad Elmaleh. To which the journalist replied:it’s another religion for some in the southwest”.

C to you: Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s unexpected metaphor on the conversion of Gad Elmaleh